"California is setting a precedent that hard times call for innovative solutions," says "Manhattan Madame" Kristin Davis.
"California is setting a precedent that hard times call for innovative solutions," says "Manhattan Madame" Kristin Davis.

Manhattan Madame Kristin Davis Praises California Marijuana Initiative

"Manhattan Madame" Kristin Davis supplied high-priced escorts for ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, but now that she is running for the same office, she is supplying an endorsement to the marijuana legalization initiative . . .

. . . in California.

In a statement released by her campaign, the Libertarian candidate called the Golden State's ballot measure a milestone in the drive to legalize bud in the Empire State.

"Californians have figured out what New Yorkers need to figure out," says Davis. "Marijuana is a $10 billion a year industry in New York State. Its legalization and taxation will help New York's current financial crises."

She praised the California referendum--which would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana--for saving "precious law enforcement and prison resources" while at the same time raising $1.4 billion a year in revenues.

"Facing a $20 billion budget deficit, Californian voters have taken the bull by the horns to embrace something that has already been occurring in their state--legalization of marijuana," she said.

"It's time New York follows suit," she said.

Legalization of marijuana, prostitution and gambling is the centerpiece of the now former Manhattan Madame's platform as she seeks the Libertarian Party nomination for governor. If Davis fails to get the party's nod, she's vowed to petition her way onto New York ballots.

Having once built what's been dubbed "the most successful escort service in world history" (Davis had more than 100 high-priced called girls working in five countries, with a call center in Uruguay), the candidate says she is confident she can gather enough required signatures from "cadres of escorts, ex-escorts, strippers, dancers, dommes, gays, lesbians, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, U.S. Marines, rappers who revere the pimp or other lovers of freedom." 

"Trickster" and former Nixon, Reagan and Bush operative Roger Stone, who tipped the FBI off to Spitzer's ho'-bangin', is pushing the Davis campaign, which was admittedly launched last month in a fit of revenge for the candidate having served nearly four months on Rikers Island while Spitzer escaped indictment in the case that resulted in his resignation.

Naturally, Zoo Yawk's media have had a field day with the campaign development. The New York Daily News reported, "Manhattan Madame Kristin Davis is tossing her lacy brassiere into the political ring," while CBS News echoed she "has thrown her double D's into the ring."

But Davis and Stone now swear her campaign is no hoax or publicity stunt, branding her as the bleach blond reincarnation of Barry Goldwater, advocating free men, free women and free markets.

And guns. And open slots. And hooking.

And pot for Cali!

"California is setting a precedent that hard times call for innovative solutions," Davis said of the cannabis act. "California is facing an enormous budget deficit and rather than raise taxes in a struggling economy, the voters have taken measures into their own hands and put the issue on the ballot so that the people can decide. Californians are sending the message that they are unhappy with the status-quo and are taking their state back."


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