Man Hater from Irvine + Nudist + Dr. Phil = Lawsuit!
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Man Hater from Irvine + Nudist + Dr. Phil = Lawsuit!

Irvine resident Shirley Rae Dieu wants to sue the pants off of Dr. Phil and CBS Television for making her face a pants-less man--and a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles is all for it.

Today, Judge Elizabeth Allen White rejected a defense motion alleging Dieu's lawsuit infringed on their First Amendment rights.

In 2007, Dieu, Crystal Matchett, and four others spent a week living in "The Dr. Phil House," a sound-stage residence wired to the hilt with cameras and microphones.

The unstable patients' shenanigans were aired as a weekly segment on Dr. Phil, the syndicated daytime talk show hosted by Phil McGraw and aired locally on KCBS/Channel 2.

The goal of the segments, according to court papers filed by the defense, "was to focus each of the participants on their ability to tolerate unique individuals and situations, and to resist their own judgmental character."

Dieu, a self-professed man-hater who says, "[men] don't think with their brains; they think only from the waist down," was confronted by a nudist who showed up to dinner bearing his frank and beans.

Dieu and Matchett locked themselves in the bathroom, "horrified and crying," according to Matchett's sworn declaration, while a crew member stood on the other side shouting, "Come out, Shirley, and see the naked man."

The suit goes forward, and Dr. Phil continues giving psychologists everywhere a bad name.


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