Making LA Weekly Great Again: OC Weekly Cartoon

RIP, LA Weekly. Here are some links to our recent stories about the Semanal LLC debacle, easily the most inept hostile takeover in the history of alt-journalism:

The New Owner of LA Weekly is a Pot Lawyer, by Mary Carreon, Oct. 20.

LA Weekly's New Head Honcho is an OC Weekly Scariest Person!, by Nick Schou, Nov. 10.

Mystery Resolved Regarding Semanal LLC Amid LA Weekly's "Red Wedding" Massacre, by Nick Schou, Dec. 1

Most of LA Weekly's New Owners are GOP Donors, by Frank John Tristan, Dec. 1

Erwin Chemerinsky is No Longer Investing in Semanal Media Group, LA Weekly's New Owner, by Frank John Tristan, Dec. 5.

Stay tuned for more updates on this important story. Meanwhile, here's an artist statement by Scott Feinblatt:

Recently the LA Weekly, OC Weekly's former big sister, changed ownership. Under the new command, the paper's staff was gutted in a move which resonated throughout SoCal like a death rattle rating 7 on the Richter scale. Many good journalists, who are friends of the OC Weekly's staff and contributors, lost their jobs, and the city of Los Angeles lost some of its favorite sources for news, art, and cultural reporting. OC Weekly's Frank John Tristan recently reported that most of LA Weekly's new owners have contributed significant amounts of money to various GOP causes; such a significant presence of GOP donors may be an indication that the new direction of LA's principal alt newspaper is a right-wing political agenda. The new editor-in-chief, Brian Calle, has a reputation for Libertarian leanings and has suggested that the paper will now become more representative of the heart and soul of LA; however, the unceremonious firing of the paper's staff, and Calle's recent open call for fresh contributors makes that a dubious proposal. By getting rid of its employees, the paper (which may soon no longer even be a print publication) is eliminating both its overhead and its previously established editorial perspective.


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