Make Sure Dana Rohrabacher Never Accepts Social Security

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Wacko Heights) hasn't spoken to the Weekly since--take your pick--Moxley exposed him as a Taliban sympathizer or we published a photo of him in mujahideen garb (or was it the one where he wore an Uncle Sam hat and glassy, besotted eyes?). So can someone out there ask Dana to make sure he never, ever uses a penny of Social Security money lest he be proven a hypocrite again?

Let me explain. A source who knows my love of unofficial Orange County history forwarded me a copy of a April 4, 1969 Los Angeles Times article documenting a Young Americans for Freedom protest outside the Old County Courthouse. The YAFers were burning Social Security cards to protest the retirement program as a "fraud." Guess who was there?

The caption to a photo reads, "John Schurman holds a card for Dana Rohrabacher, head of the group, to burn." The picture is too grainy to make out the face of young Dana, but clearly visible is his hand holding a match while another grasps a sign that reads, "Social Security is a Tax on Youth"

Dana doesn't have much of a record on Social Security other than trying to deny it for illegals, but he's also not such a zealot about it that I can find any recent activity against it. He's quickly approaching retirement age--will old Dana renege on the promises of young Dana? Someone ask him, please!


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