Make Mickey Mouse Happy by Helping Aussie Family Find Their Camera Lost at Disneyland

Near the end of last month, the Smiths (real family, pinky promise) came to visit California from Australia, ending their vacation with a trip to Disneyland. They last saw it on either the Karmel Shuttle Service to the Disneyland Hotel or at the Earl of Sandwich. It's happened to the best and worst of us, but the Smiths are so distraught that they are offering a $500 reward for the camera or even just the memory card if returned--no questions asked.

The camera in question was a brand new Olympus E-M5 OMD and the memory card inside holds three months of their vacation photos from Palm Springs to Baja. If you know anything about its whereabouts or stole it (jerk) and want to balance things out with some good karma, contact Richard Smith at Gracias, and pass the good vibes on!

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