Magic Carpet Malfunction: Performers Plead for Help at California Adventure Show

​​It was not the magical ride Aladdin was hoping for.  

While taking his midriff-baring lady Jasmine over sideways and under, they both slipped right off the flying carpet.  

This really happened on Sunday afternoon during "Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular" show at California Adventure. According to reports, the magic carpet malfunctioned, leaving the two cast members dangling from the air in their harnesses. The audience was evacuated, and the performers were brought down to safety.   

Luis Mendoza of Los Angeles tweeted the ordeal, calling it the "scariest thing I have witnessed."

He tweeted: "I was furious at was seemed the lack of response to an emergency like that."  

And: "The actors were pleading to the audience for help."

And: "Aladdin being my favorite Disney film, the child inside of me is traumatized for life." 

Check out the video: 


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