Machine Gun, Heroin Dealer Nabbed in Undercover Santa Ana Gang Task Force Sting Gets Prison

Orange County heroin and machine gun dealer Luciano Borjas won a 10-year prison sentence after being caught in an undercover operation by the Santa Ana Gang Task Force (SAGTF) in 2009.

Borjas, already a convicted felon, unwittingly agreed to sell 121 grams of a substance containing heroin as well as machine guns, rifles and silencers to a confidential source working for the task force, according to federal records obtained by the Weekly.

In a January plea deal, the government dropped numerous charges in exchange for Borjas pleading guilty to distribution of heroin and possession of an unregistered firearm.

His defense attorney argued for leniency because Borjas allegedly grew up in "an unstable environment in a neighborhood filled with gang activity." His mother abandoned him when he was five years old and, post arrest, he claims he found the Lord.

Assistant United States Attorney Mark P. Takla urged a 120-month prison sentence--the low end of sentencing guidelines--and federal Judge James V. Selna agreed to the deal this month.

Borjas, who was born in 1975 and is a father to two young kids, has not yet been transferred to a federal prison.

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