LYT's Film Pick of the Weekend 9-14-07

I'm not sure what to tell you today.

I'm going to see DRAGON WARS (D-WAR) today, but mainly because it didn't screen for press and I need to get a review to you guys. It ought to be a no-brainer, but I've heard that it doesn't even deliver on the promise of dragons trashing Los Angeles, which is disappointing if true.

If you feel like a bit of a drive, David Cronenberg's EASTERN PROMISES, in which Viggo Mortensen plays a brutal Russian thug, sounds like a winner for those who have ever enjoyed the director or star, or female lead Naomi Watts. But it doesn't go into full-on wide release just yet.

So in terms of new openings, the best bet may be Jodie Foster in Neil Jordan's THE BRAVE ONE. Jordan is hit or miss, but Foster, when she picks cheesy formulaic stuff, tends to have pretty good instincts -- both FLIGHTPLAN and PANIC ROOM were fun, if preposterous. And my colleague and sometime editor Scott Foundas really dug it.


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