LYT's Film Pick of the Weekend 7-6-07

You've probably already seen Die Hard 4 and Transformers. If you're a politically minded sort, chances are you hit Sicko up when it was still doing sneak previews. And if you're actually considering going to License to Wed, I cannot help you...please never read anything I write again. So what's left?


I confess to having had no interest in this cartoon early on. It's about a rat who wants to cook, the lead human is rather stupidly named "Linguini," and the entire movie is named after my least favorite dish that mom used to make.

But now I'm hearing from movie critic friends that it's honest-to-God the best movie of the year so far. And considering that Brad Bird, director of The Iron Giant and The Incredibles is the man behind it, the movie has to be decent.

The whole theme of the piece seems to be that you shouldn't judge a rat based on the fact that he looks like a typical rat. So even though none of what I've seen is that enticing -- I'm going. You should think about doing likewise, if you haven't.


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