LYT's Film Pick of the Weekend 5-2-08

There's really only one, isn't there?

I mean, sure, if you live near an L.A. art-house theater, you can and should go see SON OF RAMBOW, unless you already caught it at the Newport Beach fest. But I don't need to tell you what the main movie to see this weekend is.

[Adopting Beavis and Butt-head voice and clutching air guitar] DUH, DUH, DUDUDUH! DUDUDUDUDUDUH DUH DUHDUH DUH!

Okay, some things don't translate so well to the printed word. But that's the riff from IRON MAN.

I'd love to review the movie for you right here and now...but I was at the film festival all weekend and didn't have time to see it. I wonder if it'll be playing anywhere nearby?

[That's a joke. Obviously it's playing everywhere]

While I am somewhat sick of superhero origin movies, I am a big fan of the directing skills of Jon Favreau. ELF is the only recent Christmas film that merits incorporation into the grand pantheon of cinematic holiday classics, and ZATHURA is children's sci-fi at its best (though it is somewhat scary for littler ones—my brothers were creeped out by the carnivorous aliens).

Now, take Favreau, and give him Robert Downey Jr. to work with, and if it's anything less than magic one can only assume that they had a whole lot of bad days. I can't imagine them misstepping.

Unless they don't use the Black Sabbath song at all, that is.


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