LYT's Film Pick of the Weekend 10-26-07

How to go about this, when I've already written so much about this week in film?

Well, for starters, SAW IV is only a pick for hardcore SAW fans like me, and it's still likely to disappoint them a little bit.

FINISHING THE GAME, the Justin Lin comedy about the making of Bruce Lee's GAME OF DEATH, is recommended if you're a cinephile with a taste for indie comedy, and also just because it's worth encouraging Justin Lin's indie films rather than his big-studio paychecks. For more on this, read the interview with Lin in our current issue.

But the movie I'm most interested in seeing, despite many bad reviews, is SLIPSTREAM, directed by Anthony Hopkins in an apparent attempt to go all David Lynch on our asses. It's often a very bad sign when a new director tries to channel Lynch...but if Hannibal the freakin' cannibal wants to give it a shot, I'll give him all the benefit of my doubts.

That Joy Division movie CONTROL by Anton Corbijn looks like it might be pretty good, too...unless you hate Joy Division for some reason.


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