LYT on Internet radio call-in show tonight

It ain't quite as prestigious as some of the shows Gustavo's been on, but if any of you readers want a chance to talk movies with me, I'll be on Christian Johnson's "Geekarati" show tonight at 7 p.m. Among other things, I'll be discussing the OC Weekly summer movie preview, and also, as Christian describes it, "The Truly Independent and the Blatantly Mass Market." Essentially, what it means to be independent in the film world. I'll be interviewed alongside Bill Cunningham of, about the difference between "Independent and Mass Market," with "a partial bias toward showing that what most people call independent is merely its own genre etc."

People who want to listen in to the show can visit us at at 7pm on Monday. The show will stream in live and the listeners can call in at any time, or listen to teh archived version later -- but if you want to call in, you gots to be live!


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