Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13

Beauty (or hideousness) is subjective, of course, and each of the 13 law enforcement mugshots that begin after the jump on the next page could have easily been replaced by ... wait, lemme go back to my list ... 10 other candidates in fugliness.

An attempt was made to bounce as finalists folks who may have appeared on previous ugly mug roundups.

So for your consideration ...

1) Mario Orlando Montano

Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13
Courtesy of Anaheim Police Department

The first line of our original post on Dec. 18 said it all: "With less than two weeks of 2013 to play with, we may have stumbled upon the Ugliest Police Mugshot of the Year." The 55-year-old Anaheim resident is accused of cornering a next-door neighbor in her home, unzipping his pants and beginning to sexually assault her before she threatened to tell his landlord about the attack, which caused Montano to flee. The next day, he allegedly knocked a lady jogger to the ground at Walnut Canyon Reservoir, sat on top of her, covered her mouth, started punching her face and began to rape her before she broke free and called the cops, who arrested Montano leaving the reservoir. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment to felony attempted forcible rape, assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense and assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, along with a sentence-enhancing allegation of great bodily injury to a sexual assault victim. (Mario Orlando Montano Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Assault on Jogger and Attempt on Neighbor)

2) Ronald Ennis

Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13

Actually, the onetime professional surfing hopeful out of Huntington Beach might not have made this list were it for one thing: the huge Nazi swastika tattooed to the side of his shaved head. That vaulted the 39-year-old like Hermann Göring to the No. 2 position. Ennis' board dreams were forever dimmed by crime and drug abuse, his latest bust coming a December ago for packing a Walther P-38, 9mm pistol--a no-no (or he may prefer nein-nein) for a convicted felon. That earned him a 51-month prison term in Santa Ana federal court, where Ennis apologized to the judge and promised to remove certain tattoos and work toward becoming a drug counselor when he's released in late 2017 or early 2018. (Onetime Huntington Beach Pro Surfer Hopeful Lands In Federal Prison)

3) Cindy Ann Su'a

Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13
Courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's office

Considering the itchy trigger fingers of some Anaheim cops in recent years, Cindy Ann Su'a may be heralded as a hero in some quarters. Not that anyone would be putting up a poster of that kisser. The Whittier 47-year-old pleaded guilty this year to embezzling more than $360,000 from the Anaheim Police Association while serving as the cop union's office manager from August 2007 to March 2012. Detective Kerry Condon, the police association's president, delivered a victim-impact statement that described the financial strain the fraud caused the organization, how less money is now being donated to charitable groups in Anaheim, the effect on member benefits and the substantial amount of incurred costs due to the organization having to pay increased taxes to the FTB and IRS as a result of the thefts. (Cindy Ann Su'a Plea Deal for Ripping Off Anaheim Cop Union Riles Prosecutors)

4 and 5) Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos

Fullerton cops-turned-defendants Jay Cicinelli (left) and Manuel Ramos
Fullerton cops-turned-defendants Jay Cicinelli (left) and Manuel Ramos
Courtesy of Orange County District Attorney's office

The now-ex Fullerton Police officers have pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter (Ramos) and involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force (Cicinelli) in the July 5, 2011, beating death of homeless man Kelly Thomas. As you've read elsewhere on this site, the explosive trial picks up on Monday as this was the extremely rare death-by-Orange-County-cop(s) incident that could not be swept under the rug. That's because of video and audio evidence that reveals what should have been a minor encounter between a patrolman and a transient immediately escalating when Ramos unnecessarily took out his baton, swinging it in both hands and poking it at Thomas, who hadn't been physically threatening. Ramos then mocked the 37-year-old as stupid, dramatically putting on gloves as he towered over the schizophrenia-addled man and saying, "Now, you see my fists? They're getting ready to fuck you up." Corporal Cicinelli would later top an already restrained Kelly Thomas and repeatedly slam the butt of a Taser gun into his face. As Thomas fell silent and no cops rendered medical aid, Cicinelli is heard bragging that he'd "smashed his face to hell." Cicinelli's words and photos of Thomas in his hospital bed before being taken off life support don't lie. (Ex-FBI Agent Testifies Kelly Thomas Had Self-Defense Rights Because Of Police Brutality and Defense Team For Accused Cops In Kelly Thomas Murder Trial Shows Desperation)

6) Peter "Bouncer" Soto

Peter "Bouncer" Soto, a onetime gang leader of the notorious Mongols Motorcycle Club known for violence throughout California, had been depicted by prosecutors as a ruthless, uneducated thug and methamphetamine/cocaine dealer since his 2008 federal grand jury indictment. But the giant of a man--now sporting a head the size of a jumbo watermelon--caught a break in Judge David O. Carter's federal courtroom in Santa Ana this year. The court's chief judge agreed with defense attorneys that prosecutors erred calculating federal sentencing guidelines. Carter also heard from friends and family of Soto who claimed Bouncer was a caring, stray dog lover who was abused by his parents as a youngster, suffered addictions beginning as a teenager and routinely went out of his way to please others as an adult. Walking into court with a possible 87- to 108-month term, the 39-year-old walked out with 70 months to be followed by three years of supervised probation. (Mongols Motorcycle Club Boss Wins Long Prison Sentence But It Could Have Been Worse)

7) Kenneth Lyle Spangle

Kenneth Lyle Spangle
Kenneth Lyle Spangle

We now commence with the goddamn-big-ears section of the 2013 list and our Heaven's Gate spaceship leader lookalike, 62-year-old Kenneth Lyle Spangle, who was sentenced this year to what may be a life sentence given his various physical ailments: 262 months in prison. Spangle and his defense lawyers were hoping for no more than 62 months. A career criminal, Spangle earned his latest stretch for pulling pantyhose over his head, robbing a Placentia bank out of $10,000 and then quickly changing clothes, ditching the face covering in the process. One problem: he left the clothing he wore for the robbery in a bag next to the bank--with his identification still inside. Not exactly a star Spangle-d planner. (Orange County Bank Robber Didn't Realize He Needed A Two-Step Plan) 8) Tai Trieu

Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13
Courtesy of Garden Grove Police Department

Tai Trieu was arrested in July for allegedly stabbing his wife in the neck and fleeing on a bike as passersby attended to the 41-year-old woman at the busy intersection of Beach and Garden Garden boulevards. Garden Grove Police arrested 54-year-old Trieu on suspicion of attempted murder two days later, after his own family members identified him as the attacker. The Mrs. underwent emergency surgery at UCI Medical Center in Orange and survived her injuries. Whether the marriage will survive is highly questionable. (Tai Trieu Held for Attempted Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Estranged Wife in Neck)

9) Leonard Pimentel Sanchez

Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13

Fugitive Leonardo Pimentel Sanchez made his initial court appearance in July on charges stemming from the 1992 rape and murder of a 19-year-old aspiring model whose body was found in Irvine. The 56-year-old was extradited from Mexico, held without bail and, because of those Dumbo flaps Sanchez calls ears, we resurrected our Ugly Police Mugshot of the Week feature. (Leonardo Pimentel Sanchez, '92 Rape-Murder Suspect, Wins Ugly Police Mugshot by an Ear)

10) Carlton Earl Griner

The 56-year-old Garden Grove resident became a lifetime registered sex offender in two states in October, when he was sentenced to three years in state prison for falling for the Huntington Beach Police Department sting that has predators hooking up online with a "13-year-old girl" who is actually an undercover cop and then showing up in person for their "date." Griner's California RSO status now goes along with the one he earned in Iowa for hoarding kiddie porn. (Carlton Earl Griner, Victim of HBPD Craigslist Sting, is Now a Sex Offender in Two States) 11) Richard Scott Kindred

Kindred was convicted in the 1980s of molesting two boys under age 12 and sent to prison the first time for three years. He was slapped with a 16-year prison stretch in 1993 for molesting a third boy. He did that time, too, but the 50-year-old has been kept at a state mental hospital under California's sexually violent predator law. He won an Orange County Superior Court hearing this year that had him blaming his former bad behavior on his upbringing and swearing to never molest kids again. But the DA's office argued Kindred remains a threat to children because he has not acknowledged he is a pedophile and refused to seek treatment. It took the jury less than a half hour to agree with prosecutors that Kindred should remain locked up in a mental hospital until he is no longer deemed a threat. (Richard Scott Kindred is Boy Crazy and Our Ugliest Police Mugshot of the Week Poser)

12) Jesse Jet Brooks

Borrowing the hairstyle of Pippi Longstockings, 29-year-old Brooks allegedly got caught by Irvine patrolmen while in the middle of a vehicle burglary. He is accused of jumping into a second vehicle and driving at the cops, drawing gunfire from one (who missed). This was followed by a high-speed pursuit that ended with the driver ditching his ride and running into an apartment unit where he told the resident he'd been in an accident and used a phone to call for help. Brooks was arrested emerging from the residence, and the presumed person he called, 26-year-old Annette Soyinthisane was held for giving false identification after arriving at the apartment complex in a taxi. A search of a nearby hotel room where the couple had been staying uncovered "evidence of fraudulent activity" and goods stolen from recent thefts in Orange and San Diego counties, including Irvine vehicle burglaries, according to police. Brooks was also wanted on a no bail assault warrant out of San Diego County. (Jesse Jet Brooks and Annette Soyinthisane are Burglarizing Hotel Rats: Irvine Police)

13) Christopher Glen Phernambucq

Lucky 13: Our 13 Ugliest Police Mugshots of '13

The 31-year-old was already a registered sex offender on parole for making kiddie porn when he invited more underage boys to meet him and his camera in an abandoned Anaheim house. That shoot led to Phernambucq pleading guilty to a court offer that included a sentence of six years in state prison, three years and four months less than the maximum he faced if convicted without the plea. And, yes, he still must register as a sex offender for life. (Christopher Glen Phernambucq, Paroled Sex Offender, Guilty of Porn Shoot with Teen Boy)

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