Lucille Lyon Poised to Take Half the Load Off a Total Load, Public Administrator/Guardian John Williams

Due to his utter incompetence, John Williams is poised to officially lose for good his Public Guardian role today, as the Orange County Board of Supervisors approves filling his position with a veteran Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health division chief.

So, how do OC taxpayers still end up losing? Because Lucille Lyon will get paid to be the Public Guardian while numbnuts Williams continues to draw his full $153,206.40 yearly salary.

The Orange County Register's Kimberly Edds recently presented the troubling scenario. The Board is to be applauded for its due diligence in getting rid of GOP hackload Williams as the person in charge of estates that go unclaimed. His incompetence in that Board-appointed post fully came to light with his mishandling of the fortune that rightly belonged to the children of TapouT's late co-founder, Charles "Mask" Lewis.

But walking turd Williams had been ceremoniously appointed to the post after being elected Public Administrator, where he's no doubt screwed up handling the affairs of living people who cannot care for themselves and have no heirs to do it for them.

The Board was able to strip brain-dead Williams of most of his Public Administrator duties and appoint an executive to watch him like he's a drunk toddler. But the elected Board can't fire the elected Administrator. So, in comes Lyon, whose first day on the job is Friday if the Board formalizes the 35-year public employee's role with the county today.

Steaming-pile Williams claims he won't seek reelection to his elected seat once it runs out in a couple years, but that does not appease county waste watchdog Shirley Grindle, who is fighting to stop taxpayer funding of what appears to be sanctioned and continuing government incompetence.


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