Lt. John Pike, $110,000 Campus Cop Pepper Sprayer, Becomes Internet Superstar

Did you know that John Pike, the UC Davis police lieutenant pictured above pepper spraying peaceful protesters, makes $110,000 a year after a mandatory 5 percent pay cut?

According to a search of the state employee database at, Pike's salary before the cut was $116,454. Considering the UC-wide condemnation he's receiving, including that from "appalled" UC Irvine Chancellor Micheal Drake, Pike had better have banked a lot of that.

Meanwhile, thanks to Anonymous, Pike's other personal information is no longer anonymous. The international hacking group has posted online his home phone, cell number, office number and email address with a video urging pissed-off netizens to flood them all.

By the way, RoboPanda has a most righteous collection of dozens and dozens of photoshops cementing Pike's place in Internet meme history. Besides the one that opened this post, here are three other faves (Click here to collect them all):

And the favorite of the anonymous person who sent me the link, with the suggested caption, "
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