Los Angeles Times Media Group Launching OC News Sites

Los Angeles Times Media Group Launching OC News Sites

The Los Angeles Times Media Group is joining with the U.S. Local News Network to launch two Orange County-focused news websites by February, according to a story posted on the Times website.

The LA Times Media Group will run www.theocnow.com and U.S. Local News Network will helm www.oclnn.com. Both will share content and advertising, and both will use material from the three Times-owned papers already in Orange County: the Coastline Pilot, the Daily Pilot and the Huntington Beach Independent. News Network staff writers as well as local freelancers will also contribute.

According to the article, the U.S. Local News Network, which already has sites in San Diego and Riverside, is looking to create an online media empire in the coming years.

More to come on this topic, most likely. Our only comment for now: By putting "The OC" in one of the sites' names, are they looking to lure locals--or induce flashbacks to countless, tiring conversations with out-of-towners circa 2003?

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