Los Angeles Times in OC Loses Key Investigative Reporter

Los Angeles Times in OC Loses Key Investigative Reporter

I just learned that Christine Hanley, one of the last investigative journalists remaining at the already decimated Orange County bureau of the Los Angeles Times, has resigned.

For several years, Hanley was the lone daily reporter who joined me in determined pursuit of Sheriff Mike Carona's corruption at the Orange County Sheriff's Department. She broke key Carona stories, got reluctant witnesses to talk, found smoking-gun documents and withstood the intimidation that comes with challenging a twisted little man who had no business running California's second largest policing agency. Her excellence made me a better journalist.

Sadly, Hanley's departure from the Times is a victory for all the dirty politicians and bureaucrats who continue to roam our county.

Her June 1 email to colleagues follows . . .

Twenty years ago this summer, I pedaled my bicycle across the United States, unsure where the adventure would take me. In a twist I didn't expect, I made a friend along the way who--in a funny story too long to share here--helped me land my first job in journalism. Looking back, I don't think it was a coincidence. And it's been a sweet ride.

As most of you know by now, I decided earlier this year it's time for a clean break. I couldn't bring myself to leave, however, before Mike Carona was sentenced. When I began digging into his administration the better part of six years ago, I didn't think it would take so long for everything to play out. Considering the lengths he went to, directly and through his cronies, to try to destroy my credibility and career, it was well worth the wait. As he contemplates 5.5 years in prison, I move on to new adventures with no regrets and my reputation fully intact.

It's been an honor and privilege working with everyone. Thanks for everything. I wish all of you the best of luck in these uncertain times . . . 

Before I cliche myself out of business, I retire.


Christine Hanley

--R. Scott Moxley /  OC Weekly


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