Los Angeles Angels Get Legal Bill For Wheelchair Access Violations at Stadium

Our Matt Coker told you in April that the Los Angeles Angels and the city of Anaheim settled a federal class action lawsuit that requires them to make their stadium more wheelchair accessible.

This week, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter ordered the defendants to pay the plaintiff lawyers--V. James DeSimone of Venice and Amanda Rose Canning of Los Angeles--$725,000 for the two-year-old case and another $18,000 to J. Paul Charlebois, who filed the original complaint.

Carter also reminded the Angels that he will monitor their compliance with the settlement.

The court-approved deal allows wheelchair bound individuals to get tickets in good areas of the stadium and at reduced rates.

It also improves access to food and drink concessions.

Federal and state law require businesses to make their operations handicap accessible. If caught in violation, business owners can be forced to pay thousands of dollars to the offended party.

As I reported in a 2006 cover story--"The New Crips," some people with dubious ethics in Southern California make a good living taking advantage of the law.

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