Loretta Sanchez Lamely Tries to Take Back Her Vietnamese-Conspiracy Remark, Van Tran Campaign Lamely Piles On

It seems the rest of the world has finally realized

what we broke on Monday

--that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez seethed that nameless "Vietnamese" are trying to take away her seat away from her nearly two weeks ago on Univisión's

Al Punto

program and give it to opponent Van Tran. Of course, her apologists are running cover for the many-terms politician--hence,

The Liberal OC tossing a softball to Loretta

to "clarify" her remarks. Her clarification? "During the interview, I was referencing those in the Vietnamese community who are supporting my opponent."


If Loretta had wanted to say that, she'd have said it--something like this: "activistas vietnameses," (Vietnamese activists) or "republicanos vietnameses," (Republican Vietnamese) or the muy simple "seguidores vietnameses" (Vietnamese supporters) are trying to take the district away from her. Instead, Sanchez painted with her big, stupid brush.

The Van Tran campaign is understandably making a big deal of Loretta's remarks--and reminding those of us with a brain in Orange County (not too many, alas) how stupid they are.

"Her attack against immigrants and the Vietnamese community on national television is shocking," Tran campaign manager George Andrews told the

Orange County Register

(who didn't credit us with breaking the story). "The 47th congressional district belongs to the people and not an individual ethnicity."

Spare us your sanctimony, George. Why weren't you harrumphing about Loretta's swipe a week ago, when you were instead lamely trying to claim she had attacked President Barack Obama in the same interview?


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