Loretta Sanchez Gave Certificate of Congressional Recognition to Orange County Church of Scientology in August

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez has done many dumb things in her 16 years representing the wabs of OC. There was her refusal to co-sponsor the DREAM Act, the 2010 slamming of Vietnamese on Univisión, the rambling speech she gave to Pomona College students a couple of years back...the list can go on and on.

But for being just plain pendeja, I don't think anything can top what she did in August: not only visit the Orange County Church of Scientology Ideal Org (the mothership, for us non-Xenuans), but reward the place with a certificate of congressional recognition.

Does Loretta even know about the horrors of Scientology? What's next--giving Barbara Coe a lifetime achievement award for her work in diversity?

Loretta with two Mexi that flower thing on her head an escaping thetan?
Loretta with two Mexi that flower thing on her head an escaping thetan?
Screengrab from Downtown Inc. Facebook page

The snafu happened last August, while Loretta was taking a tour of businesses in downtown SanTana at the invite of Downtown Inc., the controversial group whom some say is leading the "renaissance" of the area while others blame for gentrification. While Loretta visited other businesses that day, her detour to the Ideal Org is simply bizarre. Who's the pendejo aide who told her this would be a good idea?

And if you're one of the 15 people left on Earth who still thinks Scientology is a legitimate religion, read the extensive archives of our sister paper, the Village Voice, over here...

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