Loretta Sanchez Beats Van Tran, Just Like We Told You She Would

It's a week after the 2010 elections, but State Senator Van Tran has finally conceded defeat against incumbent Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. I'll have a much-more detailed analysis later, but I do want to take this opportunity to say:


For months, in interview after interview, in conversation after conversation, I maintained Loretta had nothing to worry about.

People looked at me as if I were crazier than usual. This was the year Loretta would finally lose, they said. The GOP had trained for this day for 14 years, had the perfect robot in Tran. One faithful reader even went as far as to constantly taunt me about a bet we made: if Tran won, I owed him lunch; if Loretta won, he owed me lunch. So, when are we going to eat at Las Ranas, Frank? HAHA!

I'm still of the opinion that Loretta is hardly effective, and I actually didn't vote for her, Tran, or political plant Cecelia Iglesias--I wrote in "Alfred E. Neuman" (you can look it up). But Loretta's victory does please me, not just because the reprehensible Tran doesn't get to represent the county in Washington, but because local Republicans get to whine for two more years as their Moby-Dick eludes the harpoon again. Hey, Matt Cunningham: how does it feel to have egg in your face?


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