More gruel, please.
More gruel, please.

Looking for a Hot Christmas Date? Feed the Homeless

Got nothing to do Christmas Day. Head out to the Special Christmas Feed the Homeless Event 2 p.m. Friday at the Walk of Honor in Santa Ana's Civic Center complex. Bring along healthy food to help serve the homeless who live, gather and share meals with their families at the Civic Center.

If you're worried helping out might conflict with your usual fourth Friday afternoon "Imagine Peace" vigil duties at Culver and Michelson in Irvine, fret not.  Vigiling has been cancelled on December 25. Nobody vigils on Christmas.

However, you can exercise your vigil muscles 6 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Disneyland entrance near the Downtown Disney Store in Anaheim. That's the site of a Gaza Freedom March Solidarity Vigil to show support for an international coalition marching through Gaza to pressure the Israeli government to break the siege.

Why at the gates of the Magic Kingdom? Because everyone knows the Jews control Disneyland, silly.

Ask Code Pink LA, the organizers of this support vigil, if you don't believe me.


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