Look Out Below!

Mark Taggatz, who identifies himself as the president of a company called Aquentium, Inc., has invited the Weekly to Palm Springs at the end of this month for Media Day-Housing Invention for Disaster Relief. "We will be unveiling our newly developed housing solution for disasters," Taggatz writes. "Our patented technology is a re-deployable house utilizing a 20-foot shipping container. The unit offers over 450 square feet of space, complete with a living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and all utilities." The big question is, given her recent troubles affording housing in Stanton (see our Jan. 6 cover story and the letters reacting to that story this Thursday), will the mortgage for that even be too much for Commie Girl? And speaking of Commies: "Truly revolutionary!" is how Che Taggatz tags his product. "This invention is designed to eliminate the chaos that exists from such catastrophic events like Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami in Thailand, and the Earthquake in Pakistan." Yeah, yeah, we gotcha Marky-Mark. But when it comes to Orange County disasters, we here at Clockwork think immediately of snake-bitten Laguna Beach. Can anyone else picture one of these 20-foot shipping containers a-rumbling and a-tumbling down a steep hill during one of their yearly post-fire season mudslides? And shame on whoever just said it'd be worth it if it took out a hippie!

On the bight side: just think of how many immigrant families you could cram into one!


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