Long-Lost Sketch of Historic Santa Ana College MEChA Mural by Sergio O'Cadiz Discovered

The Southern California arts community lost a legend last year when former Santa Ana College professor Shifra Goldman passed away. The historian championed Chicano murals long before others, and served as a ceaseless promoter of the OC Chicano arts scene as best exemplified by Emigdio Vasquez and Sergio O'Cadiz, the two titans on whom I hosted a panel discussion in February at the Fullerton Public Library. Goldman donated most of her collection to the Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG), and they were just the recipients of another of her treasures--a previously lost sketch by O'Cadiz of his legendary History and Evolution of the Chicano in the United States mural completed in 1974 and currently hanging at the Neally Library at Santa Ana College.

O'Cadiz's original sketch, in all its framed glory
O'Cadiz's original sketch, in all its framed glory

The 7' x 11 '11 colored-pencil sketch was discovered by Goldman's heirs while combing through her estate; they graciously donated it to CSPG. At first, according to CSPG Executive Director Carol A. Wells, they could not identify it because of a lack of a signature until Wille Herron, one-fourth of the legendary arts collective ASCO, made the positive identification. Once that happened, Wells emailed myself and Pilar O'Cadiz, Sergio's daughter and the keeper of his flame.

There are plans to showcase the find in Orange County--details to come...in the meanwhile, let's take a moment to marvel at the history we've yet to unearth.

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