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Long Beach, Anaheim and Santa Ana Best Places in America to Find a Mate. Seriously?

The Daily Beast examined America's 104 largest cities and determined the top three best places to find a mate are Long Beach, Anaheim and Santa Ana, in that order.

Riverside landed at No. 7, while Los Angeles is way down at No. 64.

Now, nothing against our regional players, but Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Riverside are better places to land Mr. or Ms. Right than Seattle (4), Miami (5) and New Orleans (6--and where a whole bunch of hookin' up must've happened last night)?


And Garland, Texas (10) beats out San Diego (13)? Chula Vista (15) outranks Boston (17)? Boise, Idaho (20) is a better place to find a mate than Portland, Oregon (21) and San Francisco (23)?

Yesiree, Bob and Bobette, as the Daily Beast's countin' machine factored in marriage rates, divorce rates, emotional health, the number of 18+ singles and the number of restaurants and bars in each city with more than 200,000 people.

"These rankings are universal, designed to be neutral in relation to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or age," sayeth the Beast. "The only thing that matters is if you're looking for love."

Cities were assigned letter grades for each category, with a "romantic hotpot" for extra credit. Here's our regional report card:

#1, Long Beach, CA
Singles B
Social life: B
Emotional health: A+
Marriage: B
Divorce: B
Romantic hotspot: Ristorante daVinci

#2, Anaheim, CA
Singles: A
Social life: A
Emotional health: C
Marriage: A
Divorce: C
Romantic hotspot: Anaheim White House

#3, Santa Ana, CA
Singles: A
Social life: A
Emotional health: C
Marriage: A+
Divorce: D
Romantic hotspot: Ambrosia Restaurant

#7, Riverside, CA
Singles: D
Social life: C
Emotional health: B
Marriage: A
Divorce: A
Romantic hotspot: Mario's Place

Check out our Stick a Fork In It blog soon for Gustavo's take on the romantic hotspots.


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