Lockdowns At Two Anaheim Schools Are Cleared, Police Still Searching For Suspects

The two Anaheim schools -- Magnolia High School and Jonas Salk Elementary School -- which were in a lockdown during a police manhunt this morning, have since been cleared.

The Anaheim Police Department got a disturbance call regarding a home in the 2500 block of West Heffron Drive around 3:30 this morning, says Sgt. Bob Dunn, a spokesman for the department. 

Police are still investigating the incident, but Dunn says it may have been a botched robbery. There were as many as four armed suspects at the scene, Dunn says. 

Even though the scene was "very far" from the two nearest schools, they still went on lockdown just in case, Dunn says. By noon, neither school was still on lockdown. 

Dunn says police detained one person, but aren't sure of his or her involvement. They did recover guns at the scene, Dunn says, adding that police are still searching for at least three assailants, and possibly all four, if the person they detained wasn't, in fact, involved.

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