Photo by Daniel Black
Photo by Daniel Black

Local Girl Gone Gonzo

Orange County has always had an embarrassment of porn stars (and by "embarrassment," we mean they're "embarrassing"). It's second only to the San Fernando Valley as far as providing a place for weary adult film actors and actresses to lay their heads. We had Candy Apples, and, um, a whole bunch of others (don't believe us? Go hit Daimon Sushi in Huntington Beach sometime, and see how long it takes before some hilarious wag makes a joke about the "fish"). And now we have Jenna Haze, a 23-year-old former Marie Callender's waitress. And what's Marie Callender's famous for? Pie!

The Fullerton native (born Jennifer Corrales) took on the porno industry starting in 2002, if by "took on" you mean "had sexual intercourse with," which of course we do, with such masterpieces as 100% Anal, 100% Blowjobs and Please Cum Inside Me 7. Her three-input ways, coupled with natural good looks and a petite figure, led the Adult Video Network Awards to honor her in 2003 with their Best New Starlet and Best Solo Sex awards. Shortly thereafter, however, Haze announced she would only do girl-girl scenes, and a nation of men clutched their hearts in sorrow. Why? I guess they thought that otherwise they might score.

Stupid men.



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