Local DREAM Act Students Continue Hunger Strike Outside LA Offices of Senator Dianne Feinstein

While our local liberal pundits still continue to ridicule the protests of undocumented college to draw attention to their plight (with allies like those, who needs the Minutemen?), three members of the Orange County Dream Team (whose awesome logo you see at right) have been fasting outside the LA offices of California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

We salute these brave young men, and will have a dispatch from their strike soon. Their bios after the jump!
Carlos Amador: arrived to this country with his family 11 years ago. He attended California high school and graduated with honors. Even though Carlos had difficulties learning the language and assimilating to a new culture, he was able to over come them and continue with his college career. Carlos has obtained a Bachelor's degree on human services and is currently working on his Masters of social work at a University of California program. He has lived through many barriers and obstacles which are the ones that have made him realize the importance of getting an education. He has realized that with hard work and dedication, achieving his dreams is only a matter of time. That is why he is involved in the fight for the passage of the DREAM Act, and why he has decided to join the hunger strike. He wishes to finish his MSW degree and be able to work with the community. He wants to eventually go back to school and obtain a law degree and be able to help people in a different level.

Erik Esparagoza: recently graduated high school, he is 18 years old . As he prepares to begin his college career at Santa Ana college he decided to take part in this hunger strike because he wants to ensure a better future for his friends and his community. He is willing to put his body on the line because he feels undocumented students have the right to continue their education and put their hard earned degrees to use which is what the DREAM Act would allow. He wants to ensure that undocumented students are not denied the opportunity to continue their education.

Jorge Gutierrez: arrived to the United States at the age of 10 with his mother and four siblings. He is now 26, and after 16 years his educational and career DREAMS are still on hold. Jorge is Queer; Undocumented; Unafraid. These identities represent daily struggles in his life not only as an undocumented student fighting to attain documentation but also a Queer Latino fighting homophobia in his own community. Jorge is unafraid and empowered to be the voice of the Queer DREAMERS advocating for the DREAM Act as a stand alone bill. Jorge holds a Bachelor's in English from the California State University system. He wants to continue in his educational journey and obtain a Master's in social work and eventually obtain a PhD and become a professor.


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