Local Armenian Genocide Denier Demands Apology...From Armenians

*Updated, with new information on the bottom...

In the Department of WTF comes this: local Armenian genocide denier Ergun Kirlikovali is circulating an online petition demanding an apology from, amongst other groups, the Armenians that the Ottoman Empire genocided in the early 1900s!

In his most recent column for Turkla.com, Kirlikovali links to and references a campaign by Turkish activists called "I do not apologize" in which they seek for people to not refer to the Armenian genocide as a genocide. Kirlikovali, being the vile man he is, goes further in his column and says Turkey is due an apology by Armenians "for destroying a millennium of relatively harmonious Turkish-Armenian co-habitation in Anatolia where Armenians prospered in peace by resorting to propaganda, agitation, terror, rebellions, and treason, in that order, between 1877-1920."

Hoo-boy! Now, I'm not an Ottoman Empire expert, but I do know that Armenians were under its rule, and it's a hallmark of empire-apologists that its conquered people loved being conquered people, and it's the conquered people's fault when they dared tried to become a free nation or get more rights from its rulers. The key word in Kirlikovali's rant is "treason," something he brings up again and again in comments all across the World Wide Web, as if he's personally insulted Armenians wanted their own country. Worse than that, he has the gall to ridicule the memories and reports of Armenians and their suffering as "propaganda," cast Turks as the true victims in all this, and then ask the people the Ottoman government slaughtered for an apology! Maybe Kirlikovali should begin contributing to the Institute for Historical Review?

Two final notes: Kirlikovali's friends and himself get angry because I call him "vile." Let's leave alone his denial of the Armenian genocide for a minute and remember this: he's an anti-Mexican bigot, and he's also apparently against our troops and veterans. Let's see Kirlikovali's friends defend this statement, which I excerpt here:

Armenianss also served in the Ottoman armies, but backstabbed their fellow Ottoman soldiers...

I would not be surprised if the Armenians do the same here one day... After all, they did not care if Americans were killed duirng Armenian terrorist attacks.

What's worse is that this Topalian fellow (a convicted Armenian terrorist) stored explosives in a u-rent-a-space locker which was next to a school, a daycare facility, and a gas station! And this Topalian fellow claimed he was an American patriot, with his photos taken with U.S. presidents adorning his office walls. Topalina was caught by the FBI, tried, convicted, and served many years in prison. After he was let out, the AFATH community (Armenian Falsifiers and Turks Haters) treated him like a hero. He now goes around college campuses to advise "the youth". This is Armenian patriotism for you.

For Armenians, Armenia is fisrt and foremost. All the rest are details. I would not trust an Armenian solider in whatever uniform he carries, if history is any guide, that is.

Maybe someone should report this coward to Armenian-American war vets?

Secondly, and this is more of an OC Weekly housekeeping moment: my original post on Ergun and his Orange County community of Armenian genocide deniers is by far, the most commented post in Weekly history. Thanks, Ergun, for putting me on top!

*UPDATE: Now I get it: apparently, Kirlikovali and a bunch of other Turks are upset because over 200 Turkish intellectuals issued an apology to Armenians on Monday for the horrors endured by Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Notably, this apology doesn't refer to the Armenian genocide as a genocide, either, instead calling it a "catastrophe." This is what set Kirlikovali off to demand an apology from Armenians, and link to the "I Do Not Apologize" campaign (written by Kirlikovali)?! Man, the obsessive Ottoman of Orange County gets viler and viler with each reading...but first, a bit of rhetorical auto-eroticism on his part. In his "I Do Not Apologize" rant, Kirlikovali makes reference to a word that doesn't exist in Webster's: "ethocide."  "A new term coined by a Turkish-American in 2003," according to Kirlikovali, "Ethocide means 'systematic extermination of ethics via malicious mass deception for political, economical, religious, social, and other gain.'" The sage who created that term? Guess who?


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