Little Saigon Protesters Call For Vietnam Democracy

Little Saigon today: Freedom for Vietnam!
Little Saigon today: Freedom for Vietnam!

While most Americans may have forgotten the anniversary, memories of South Vietnam remain poignant in Orange County's Little Saigon region, the world's largest Vietnamese refugee community.

On Bolsa Avenue sidewalks this afternoon a youthful, energetic crowd of several dozen protesters gathered, waved South Vietnamese and American flags, and repeatedly chanted their wish:

No, it wasn't for better pho, cheaper crawfish or more coffee bars with beautiful girls.

They really want: "Freedom for Vietnam!"

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(They also thanked the United States.)

Countless drivers passing Asian Garden Mall honked their vehicle horns and yelled in support.

The South still lives in Little Saigon
The South still lives in Little Saigon
R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

Vietnam's leaders, who have softened dictatorial policies in recent year as a way to increase U.S. corporate investment, still refuse to grant their citizens basic freedoms of speech, religion and assembly.

Earlier this month, Vietnamese authorities arrested--Nguyen Quoc Quan--a Vietnamese American in Ho Chi Minh City for allegedly plotting to disrupt that country's re-unification celebrations.

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