Like Crazy at Sundance: We Begin . . .

Witty and engaging. Yes. Okay. I'm feeling very confident about the whole thing. Is it me or do I look like


with a hangover in that margin picture? Confidence.

Back in the snow, boots, gloves, exhaustion, an ever-shifting schedule, free drinks, meeting people who have inspired me since I can remember. It's all here. And "Team Crazy" is here, part of it.

As I was falling asleep at 4 this morning, I realized I had been up for 24 hours. I must be at Sundance, and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday was a series of random errands, the boring stuff. Stocking the fridge at our Deer Valley retreat (15 minutes from Sundance headquarters), pulling strings to get tickets for sold-out movies (having that not work), running into familiar faces from last year, "Hello! You. ... "

Last year, though, was different. I was one of the leads in the U.S. Dramatic Competition (to most, the festival's most exciting category), in the comedy Douchebag. A new face. Signing autographs, taking pictures, having people yell "Hey, Douchebag!" at me from across the street. It felt so good. The recognition for years of hard work.

This year, I arrive as the co-writer of

Like Crazy

, also in U.S. Dramatic. Writers have always taken (been given) a back seat (the trunk?). We're not the faces, we're not the captains of the ship. But we designed it. See, what I really want to do is direct.

Felicity Jones ("FJ," as we call the lead actress from our film) just emerged from her room, beaming, vibrantly glowing, as it's simply ingrained in her presence and personality. "Hello, Mr. Jones!" she says borrowing Cookie Monster's voice. "Hello, Miss Jones!" A quick hug, hello, and she's off.

Anton Yelchin checked into the house last night when I was the only one up. The talented floppy-haired young actor , one of our two leads, was smiling ear to ear. We catch up a little. It's good to see both of them after several months.

Yesterday, a crazy-glowing article on LC and the film's director--one of my best friends, Drake Doremus--by renown Los Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan had phones ringing, well, like crazy. Producers Jonathan Schwartz and Andrea Sperling are hustling (like crazy), and the buzz is as good as it can get. It's safe to say, LC is the hot ticket. Even in a cab ride home last night, our driver mentioned it was one of the few films she was certain to get tickets for.

With the buzz, of course, comes outrageous expectation. But, me worry? Wonderful, amazing L.A. Times article or not, the film developed beautifully and organically into something special in its finished form. I'm proud of it and my collaborators. And I am humbly 100-percent confident, it will not disappoint.

Now, coffee and OJ with LC cinematographer John Gulesarian ("Gules") and his wife Theresa. Tonight, LC cast and crew dinner. Tomorrow, we premiere. Maybe I'll catch a movie in the meantime. This is the beginning. Can't wait to see what happens next.


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