Lies, Damned Lies and Stanton

Orange County's favorite pastime besides bashing Mexicans is bashing Stanton, and there was a doozy of a wallop in yesterday's LA Times story on Bill Hunt's demotion. To quoth San Clemente councilmember Wayne Eggleston:

I wouldn't want to stop in Stanton, much less patrol it

That's the same we feel about Aliso Viejo. The quote was ugly enough for gentlemanly Jubal over at OC Blog to call out Eggleston on his civic bigotry. Eggleston responded with an apology and claimed Times reporter Garrett Therolf misquoted him. He ended with this gem:

Lesson: Do not co-operate with LA Times reporters as they are not trustworthy. I have dealt with Orange County Register reporters and they are of the highest quality.

The OC Weekly news team would beg to differ on your latter point, Wayne. But in the interest of fairness and accuracy, we e-mailed Therolf and asked him to respond to your charge. His reply:

I quoted Mr. Eggleston accurately, and I wonder why he did not say he was misquoted until he was criticized on blogs. Mr. Eggleston's statement is in my notes. We don't make up quotes at The Times. However, my editors have said that as a matter of course we do not provide access to reporters' notes.

Fair enough. We're not the Justice Department, and thus won't ask for Therolf to turn over the notes. Besides, he's a good, honest reporter. So awright, Wayne: so what did you really say?


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