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Thanks to Jim Washburn for his right-on feature about the ghosts of relationships that never happened in "Sex Is Bad" (Feb. 9). You got it! All my party-girl fun days have come and gone, and is there any love left? Nope! I regret not connecting more closely with several people who are now long-gone. But there are two important problems that arise when you shift your libido into a lower gear and try for a more fulfilling relationship: Where are the people who are able to get real? And are you really ready or just kidding yourself because you still aren't capable of seeing the value of a loving relationship vs. just more exciting-but-short-lived sex? More things to consider for the young and nubile.



I live in Burbank and am very concerned about the hate that is coming out of Buddy Seigal's article on Jonny Lang ("Grrrrrr," Feb. 16). This is something as a society we should all be very concerned about. This person has obviously some very deep problems and, more than anything, let's find out what this comes from. I will see that people such as Buddy Guy and B.B. King get this, just to see what they make of this.

James Noud

Buddy Seigal responds: I hate Jonny Lang more than I hate humorless weenies who can't read between the lines of a deliberately tasteless rant.


Rebecca Schoenkopf recently lamented the fact that John Hughes doesn't make movies anymore, since she could prepare the perfect soundtrack for one of his epics (Commie Girl, Feb. 2). As someone who watches CNN while he eats lunch, I bring happy news: Hughes will soon begin a new picture—Chambermaid, the story of a servant (played by Hillary Swank and her large and powerful teeth) who falls in love with a British nobleman. Will their class differences seem insurmountable? Will there be angst? Will there be a tearful separation? Will love conquer all? Let's hope so. Start up your CD burner.

via e-mail


Great article by Anthony Pignataro regarding Richard Schorling ("The Taxi Driver," Feb. 16). However, in light of Pignataro's revelations of Schorling's shady past, what was the Weekly thinking in 1996 when it "hailed Schorling's" winning of the John Wayne Airport contract? Who the hell wrote that article? Is he or she still writing for the Weekly? Please tell me not.

Mike Marsh
Laguna Beach

The editor responds: Our 1996 article on the John Wayne Airport cab contract was written by R. Scott Moxley. His article did not pretend to be an investigation of Schorling. It was a story about Larry Slagle, an airport commissioner who unconscionably voted himself the exclusive and lucrative airport contract for more than a decade.


I forced myself to read Paul Brennan's review of the book Lynching Photography in America in its entirety ("Twisted System," Feb. 23). I read it while fighting feelings of sickness, disgust and dismay. Then I heard about the crowd of people who wish to view the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, and I realized that the book is not about recent history but about current events. We pride ourselves on being sophisticated and versed in arts and sciences. In reality, it appears that our civilization is but a very thin veneer over barbarism.

Hanna Hill


To: Mr. Craig Reem, c/o Mr. Matt Coker, OC Weekly Magazine, 151 Kalmus Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Dear Craig: Please forgive me for not responding sooner, however, I want to thank you and the Orange County Weekly Magazine for including me in the Top 25. I appreciate your generous recognition. I'm also grateful that you included education in the selection process and that you printed my comments in support of education. I hope that we have the opportunity to meet again in the near future and once again, thank you.

Al Mijares
Santa Ana

Matt Coker responds: Dear Mr. Mijares: I received your letter dated Feb. 16 regarding Craig Reem and a story that in-
cluded you in something called the "Top 25." I think some wires must have crossed somewhere. I work at
OC Weekly. The last time I checked, Mr. Reem was editor ofOC Metro. TheOC Weekly and theOC Metro are two totally different publications with different owners and different readers. I assume the "Top 25" was a feature in theOC Metro; they often run stories where their staff rates the top this and the top that. The only thing theOC Weekly runs that is comparable is "Orange County's 31 Scariest People," which appears every Halloween. For the most part, it is not complimentary toward its subjects, and the scary people don't write in to thank us. So, while I appreciate any positive sentiments directed my way, in this case, they are undeserved. Mr. Reem and his crack staff deserve your kudos. I don't have his address handy, but there are stacks and stacks ofOC Metros out in the community (sometimes right next to emptyOC Weekly racks). I'm sure you can find Mr. Reem's address in one of those.


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