Letters From OC Weekly Readers

Josh Dulaney's article on Scientology ["Spyentology," Feb.
24] misinformed readers through inaccuracies and by inadequately representing the church's response.

The subject of the article, Paulien Lombard, was a member of a group of parishioners who organized themselves to protect their churches, much the same as a neighborhood watch will warn families of criminals and sexual predators. Since that wouldn't provide enough material for an article, Dulaney had to stretch credulity and include the stale claims of two anti-Scientologists who were expelled from the church for malfeasance years ago. Their allegations have long since been discredited in Freedom Magazine's issue titled "The Posse of Lunatics: A Story of Lies, Crimes, Violence, Infidelity and Betrayal."

The real story of the church is its tremendous expansion. Under the church's leadership, in the past five years, it has opened 25 new Ideal Churches of Scientology in cities as diverse as London, Rome, Brussels, Moscow, Melbourne, Quebec, Hamburg and all over the United States. Four of these churches opened here in California, with a new church opened in our state capitol on Jan. 28, the Church of Scientology of Sacramento. We have also opened new churches in Southern California, including Hollywood, Pasadena and Inglewood. There are 15 more new Churches of Scientology scheduled for opening in the coming year, including our spiritual Mecca in Florida—a 375,000-square-foot facility to minister to Scientologists from all over the world.


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Moreover, in Los Angeles, in 2009, the church established a state-of-the-art, all-digital, 220,000-square-foot publishing house, dedicated to the production of our founder's scriptures. Since then, the facility has produced and disseminated more than 97 million copies of L. Ron Hubbard's books and lectures (on compact disc).

In 2010, the church also established the largest printing-and-manufacturing plant in the U.S. dedicated to the production of humanitarian programs and materials. Consequently, the church's Truth About Drugs and United for Human Rights programs are now reaching tens of millions each year.

Readers should look at our website, where they will find photographs and information about the church today.

Karin Pouw, Church of Scientology, via email

Josh Dulaney responds: Stale claims, different day! Being in the inadequacy biz, we posted online the entirety of Pouw's emailed response to some questions I emailed her. And I'm still waiting for a return phone call from a spokesthetan who doesn't ask me to email my questions. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the need for a conversation, blah blah blah.


I knew that Scientology was a cult, a racket and a fraud before I met L. Ron Hubbard Jr. in early 1964. He was the son of the founder of that sick "religion." I worked with L. Ron Jr. in an office where we all had to stand up. He was married, with a couple of kids, but the bastard would pat me on the ass when he walked behind me. I am a straight male. Every time he did it, I would scream, "Hubbard, you motherfucker!" He would just laugh. This shit went on for months. I finally got him to stop it by making a deal with him: He would no longer pat me on the ass, and I wouldn't call him "Lafayette," which is what the "L" stands for. He HATED to be called Lafayette.

P.S. Scientology can sue the fucking shit out of me because I'm what is known as "judgement-proof."

Richard Gearon, via email


People seeking all the answers used to join cults such as $cientology, which claimed it had all the answers because "Dr." Hubbard, sci-fi writer, adventurer and pretend nuclear physicist, discovered . . . What about answers about $cientology? That's on the Internet, too!

The only answers about Scientology you really need are in the experiences of thousands of ex-members, such as Paulien, who are bravely speaking out.

The only thing $cientology itself has to offer is a trap of tightly regulated mind control designed primarily to extract large sums of money from people. If you join the cult, you get to be in the same club, slave division (unless you are rich), with the great minds of our time, Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

No, wait! They are both Hollywood actors who didn't finish high school. Are these the people we should emulate? Hubbard said $cientology was going to produce all kinds of great thinkers, scientists and new inventions? What happened?

MarkStark, via ocweekly.com

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