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Judge Charles D. Sheldon did little to hide the fact that he was actively assisting the prosecution [Nick Shou's "Captain Kangaroo," Dec. 23, 2011]. This must be overturned by appeal. They are railroading two very wonderful men who help many people.

Zzardozz via ocweekly.com



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I want to thank Nick for shedding light on this ridiculous miscarriage of "justice," which has cost California taxpayers more than $2 million. The half-dozen bailiffs alone in Sheldon's Kangaroo Court had to have cost several thousands. Sheldon's a tired old man and deaf as a dog's ass.

He should've recused himself. But can he excuse himself? And what trial was the JURY watching?

Rory Murray, via ocweekly.com


Good rundown ["What We Learned," Dec. 30, 2011] Thanks for pointing out Andrew Urdiales; I thought I was the only one who thought it ridiculous he's being extradited here to face trial when he's already serving life in Illinois. "What we learned: Despite the economic recession, as long as there's a chance to lethally inject you, Orange County has no problem picking up your one-way travel bill."

Also, thanks for pointing out about the Chamberlain beating: "What we learned: If you're going to participate in the mass slaying of an OC jail inmate, make sure the color of your uniform is green, not orange!"

949girl, via ocweekly.com

We learned that the Weakly will run pictures of Kelly Thomas' ground-meat face at every opportunity. Why not make it your masthead in 2012? We also learned that if it weren't for 420 and rub 'n' tug ads, your paper would be four pages long and Gustavo would be mopping the floors as well as scrubbing the toilets. Andale pues con el periodismo amarillo.

Edward R. Burro, via ocweekly.com


The vast majority of delusional people rant without really saying anything [Hey, You! "Semper F-U," Dec. 23, 2011]. That the writer continues to harass a man who has served his country is rather appalling—one's nose should stay in one's business. The bizarre behavior and sexual conduct of staring in someone's window is quite alarming. What did you expect to see?

Lance, via ocweekly.com


The Marine Corps has 14 leadership traits that we live by—a few of those are integrity, tact and bearing. This man has none of those and should be held accountable. Otherwise, it gives Marines like me a bad name.

909Jeff, via ocweekly.com


Next time, jerk off with your left hand to try to straighten your Pito chueco [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! Dec. 30, 2011].

NGalvez, via ocweekly.com


In Michelle Woo's "The Lab Man" [Dec. 8, 2011], she wrote that Shaheen Sadeghi was co-president of Quiksilver and once moved to Portland to work for Jantzen. Sadeghi was actually president (not co-) of Quiksilver and never lived in Portland. Whoopsy-doodle!


Yes, Virginia, we're hiring, even in this godforsaken economy, because we believe in great local journalism. We're looking for a staff writer to replace Nick Schou, who was just promoted to managing editor (yay, Nick!). Applicants should have the same investigative chops and drive as Nick, and should have the same ease in writing great cover stories as they do with hard-hitting blog posts, but possess a much better knowledge of American football than Nick.

We're also looking for a web editor. Can you get us a kajillion blog hits every day and be equally versed in hard news, culture and food without compromising your journalistic integrity? Then we want you.

Applicants interested in the two positions should send a résumé and clips to garellano@ocweekly.com, or via snail mail to OC Weekly, attention: Gustavo Arellano, 2975 Red Hill Ave., Ste. 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. No phone calls unless you're using Baba Booey clips, por favor.


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