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Seriously? Wow, the police system has really done its job—it abused its power yet again [Jonathan Kaminsky's "Hands-On Experience," Dec. 2]. And how many times was the word "rape" used in this article? I'm pretty sure not many of those girls actually wanted to have sex with those gross, old men. Sick.

What hope do we have for men in our society when it seems they will have sex with whoever they can get away with. Where are all the moral men?

really, via ocweekly.com


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Wow. This reads like a Marxist screed, which as a result tends to omit some major facts about investment, risk, reward, growth and positive benefits to the economy [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Highway Robbery," Dec. 2]. Orange County and Southern California are wonderful areas to live, work, raise families, recreate, etc. There are no guarantees that if you build houses, they will come, as evidenced by the meltdown of the past three years in the housing market. Developers, including Don Bren, take risks in advancing new projects, which often take years given all the hurdles set up by the no-growthers, such as the author of this piece. They take fallow land and turn it into communities for families. Developers create jobs in construction, then more jobs follow in the services industries. Also, the toll road was built without taxpayer dollars. It was privately financed through bonds—another miracle of capitalism. And the writer also needs to check his facts about fees at the airport. Fees for airport development have been passed on to the tenants for decades, according to state regulations that created the toll-road joint authority.

I hope other people who have lived and worked in the area for a decade or two will comment on all the errors in this piece. The publication obviously lacks fact-checkers or journalistic integrity.

Savesocal, via ocweekly.com

A cute little bunny rabbit just run over by a white BMW 3 Series off the 73 Pacific Park exit responds: If you think the 73 toll road was built without public funds, or that Moxley doesn't know his Bren, then I have a toll road for you to invest in.


Wow, I feel like we're living in an episode of Boardwalk Empire.

20ftJesus, via ocweekly.com


So, you have a problem with Don Bren because he was able to get a large highway built in the state of California and that the road is not making money.

Let's think about that in this context: Even though improved infrastructure is desperately needed in this state, it's impossible to get any agency to consider building a highway anywhere in California. Building any more roads to link the OC, the state's second-densest county, should be considered a good thing to encourage people to live closer to work and alleviate traffic congestion. Frankly, I used to think you were just trying to sell papers, but the sad reality is you're blinded by your own self-loathing and jealousy that you fail to even consider that Bren has been good for OC. It's pathetic.

Furthermore, while you may ignorantly have a problem with the road not making any money, the rest of us intelligent people have a problem with roads that saddle all taxpayers with massive debt today and will continue to charge all taxpayers interest for the rest of our natural lives.

Jimmy Rhee, via ocweekly.com


Mr. Gustavo is quite the card [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! Nov. 18]. Once again, a new explainer, a new apologist arises on Mexico's behalf, blaming that nation's 200 years of failure on el Norte. Just like the spoiled kid who blames everyone and everything around him for his shortcomings. This is the future of the U.S. now. These are the new malcontents who will be another thorn in the side of America's future. Where will it all lead? I sure as hell don't know, but I can say for sure it will lead to no good.

El Gringo Loco Caliente, via ocweekly.com


It's not America's fault our modern-day border-brothers don't know what a fucking trashcan is! As great as Mexico's failures have been, don't be ashamed that Mexico and its so-called governing bodies don't govern north of its borders. If it had, the whole United States might look like T.J. Be thankful for what you have and where you live. And as far as converting Americans into a Mexico-style country—forget it. That sounds like something a little man named Hitler tried to do to Germany back in the day.

Prime, via ocweekly.com


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