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It's not just a few bad apples—the whole barrel is rotten [Marisa Gerber's "Bullies In Blue," Nov.
25]. Every officer is implicated for either brutalizing people or standing by and not doing anything while their colleagues brutalize people.

It's not just physical brutality. Every officer is also involved in extortion and theft. Each minor infraction ticketed on the road, each peaceful person cited for having the wrong kind of vegetation in her pocket is an act of robbery backed, ultimately, by the threat of imprisonment or violence. Last I checked, taking somebody's money by the threat of force is robbery; why should this ethical fact change if the robber wears a special costume?

It's become clear to many people that the term "police" is a mere euphemism for armed individuals in costumes who generate revenue for governments, suppress political dissent (e.g., what we've seen from the Occupy Movement) and maintain unjust social relations.


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They say they're "just doing their job." That is precisely the problem. The profession is fundamentally unjust.

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Real crimes—where there are actual victims who are harmed—have been dealt with very efficiently for the larger part of human history without police departments. Modern policing is a relatively recent phenomenon, and it is both unnecessary and harmful. It has been shown to actually exacerbate crime rates. It's time to think of saner alternatives.

AV, via ocweekly.com


Brilliant, Marisa Gerber, just brilliant. Prior to the Kelly Thomas beating death by these rogue badged thugs, I had no idea what kind of corrupt, evil nonsense was going on at the Fullerton Police Department.

This country needs upfront, transparent reporting from journalists such as yourself as opposed to the mainstream media channels that only report what's spewed by lying bungholes such as Sergeant Andrew Goodrich.

Ron Moore, via ocweekly.com


Marisa, good story. The city needs to get rid of any bullies in blue. Keep up the pressure, and it will eventually happen. What happened to the son of former deputy Ron Thomas was a disgusting abuse of power, and the cover-up attempt was minor league at best. If this happened in a bigger city, every one of the cops who beat or stood by as a coward, watching Kelly Thomas get his ass beaten to death, would have probably been immediately suspended. I hope everyone involved gets fired and/or is on his or her way to the joint. Cut the bad apples loose. These clowns in blue are bullies who lost their calling and would be more suited to maybe becoming security guards, working unarmed and shooing kids away from the parking lots of a dollar store or fast-food joint! Stay on the story, and God bless Deputy Thomas and his family. Your day for justice is coming!

Tmcollins, via ocweekly.com


Jon Reiser's Golden Bear at Pierside Pavillion never had a snowball's chance in hell of approval [Lilledeshan Bose's "To the Galaxy and Beyond," Nov. 18]. Ever. His plan was absurd. He got hornswoggled by the property owner into believing he could put a "1,200 capacity" Bear into an 11,000-square-foot venue with an all-new liquor license. If he would have annexed the restaurant out front, lowered his capacity expectations and been reasonable, the Golden Bear would be open today.

His lack of homework is blamed on "city ordinances."

That being said, I hope Jon (or another passionate player) steps up at Pacific City (the 31 acres between Huntington and First on Pacific Coast Highway) to open the West Coast destination of rock & roll in downtown H.B. in 2013.

Clint Orr, Huntington Beach


Thank you. They will get what is coming to them, all in God's timing [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "A Rhetorical Knife Fight," Nov. 25]. It has been a long 13 years for my cousins. But Tom Aehlert, Sandra Jessee and Thomas Joseph Garrick are behind bars and will not be able to hurt another soul. They are soulless people and greedy. But God is good, and I do believe in karma. It's hitting them right now.

Lisacross18, via ocweekly.com


Scott, good reporting. I hope they convict that fat tub of lard Sandra Jessee and the idiots who carried out the murder of a man who didn't have it coming. She is a disgrace to the human race, and I hope her fat, stupid ass fries!

Tmcollins, via ocweekly.com

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