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Phenomenal coverage, Nick Schou ["The Chamberlain Files," Nov. 11]. I have really enjoyed your coverage over the years and was certain this case would end in not-guilty verdicts. Well, that didn't happen, and now I'm sad reading this latest piece. I'm extremely bothered and sickened by the verdicts.

One deputy admits to falsifying logs yet receives no consequences. Isn't that a crime? Please tell me it is. One admits to . . . well, not doing his job, and GUESS WHAT? He still works for the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Yep, that's right: Jason Chapluk still has a job where a man on his watch died. Then the one doesn't say a goddamn thing, pleading the fifth—who the fuck knows what happened to him? And yes, I do believe without a shadow of a doubt Deputy Kevin Taylor put this crime in action. He may not have thrown any punches, but he got the ball rolling.

The guys talking—namely, Jared Petrovich and Stephen Carlstrom—from the get-go show to me they are telling the truth. Why else would they be so eager to talk to a reporter they've never met? Because they want to get the truth out. One kick or a big mouth does not equal murder individually. Garret Aguilar's participation is questionable, yes, but what about the dozens of others who participated?


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As far as Ebrahim Baytieh loving your coverage . . . is the guy reading the same stuff I am? Your articles, if anything, have convinced me of their innocence—not guilt. But people can twist things to prove their points and win convictions because is this really about justice or about building a political reputation? Had John Chamberlain not been beaten and was at court, don't tell me prosecutor Baytieh wouldn't have loved to have thrown the book at him on kiddie-porn charges?

Juror Kim McPeck sounds like a typical Orange County Register commenter who hates anyone who isn't white. If I ever sat on a jury, I'd have the balls to not let some asshole push me around. I don't care how big, fat and intimidating he is; I stand up for my convictions. Erik Johnson and the rest of them will need to live with this. When I'm a senior citizen, I'll still remember this case, and it will still bother me. I hope it will be eating at them as well.

I'm not affiliated with anyone on this case; I'm strictly a spectator and concerned citizen. But I did go to court a few times to check it out. Now, several nonviolent criminals with drug and burglary charges who somehow got manipulated by a bully puppet master and corrupt system will probably spend the rest of their lives in prison because an alleged child molester/pornographer was beaten to death. I'll feel so much better sleeping at night.

Anyone ever find out what happened to Taylor; is he still working in law enforcement?

And I forgot about the death of KISS guitarist Mark Leslie Norton; thanks for reminding us of that. I'll have to catch up on that after I finish reading about the latest jail suicide at Central that happened this past week. Is "suicide" code for when an officer kills an inmate? And when other inmates do it, it's "murder"?

949girl, via ocweekly.com


My work history consisted of repairing a broken department as the former manager was a drunk, nearing retirement and no one would take any action [Hey You! "Bossypants," Nov.4]. I changed the department around to be productive, but at a price. The workers didn't like it. They gave false accusations to Human Resources, who by the way usually have their heads so far up their asses they don't notice much. My personal property was damaged, my office was ransacked, and HR did what? Changed the locks is all. Cameras were put up, and yet HR did nothing. After six years and things are running fine, they take me out of my position, saying there are too many complaints. Ask me to voluntarily step down. Nope, you have to demote me, punk.

Mrgofast009, via ocweekly.com


In Dave Barton's review of three shows at the Irvine Fine Arts Center ["Welcome to the 99 Percent," Oct. 28], the name of artist Barbara Grover was misspelled. The Weekly regrets the error.


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