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As a friend of one of the Seal Beach shooting victims, I am disgusted by your writers' inclusion of 15-year-old student Rebecca Black, someone who sang innocently about Friday being a fun day, in a column that included rapists, murderers and other lowlife scumbags [OC Weekly Staff's "You're Dead to Me," Oct. 28]. You owe an apology to not only Rebecca Black, but also to each of the victims' families. You should be ashamed of yourselves. No one is laughing—we are all still crying and distraught over the senseless murders of so many wonderful people in our community.

I notice you did not include the names of your "staff" who wrote the column. 'Fess up and let me know who these people are.

Teresa Schmidt, Newport Beach


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I love the in-depth nature of this article, though I have one quibble, mostly with the researchers [Kristin Hinman's "Lost Boys," Nov. 4].

With so much space dedicated to debunking myths and assumptions regarding underage prostitution, I assumed there would be a similar amount of research done on the trafficked foreign women/girls/boys who end up here. A single paragraph was dedicated to this, only to state in a resigned way that it is difficult to gather info on these types. Well, that is kind of obvious! Why can't the researchers who pinpointed the nonexistent disparity between boy/girl prostitutes and proved the lack of pimps employ a few interpreters and go about collecting info with their coupon books? I'd suggest starting with any of the Asian-language-speaking (Vietnamese might be big) as well as Spanish-speaking populations. These, in my opinion, are those most at risk, being that the language barrier and cultural homogeneity in areas cover up and hide much, and law enforcement/the outside world are hesitant to even step in.

The article is great, especially in the way that it gives a refreshing look at a problem from an angle so few even want to look at. Why do the young prostitutes want to get into this trade? The answer to that question reflects so terribly on those "in charge," and this is the reason for the massive backlash in Atlanta. The last point about permanence hits me a bit personally; being subjected to upheaval isn't gonna be fixed by more temporary "solutions." The problem of sticking to erroneous assumptions and false facts is the problem is never addressed, thus never comes to a resolution—or close to one.

john, via ocweekly.com


I could not stand Gordon Dillow. The guy was a major idiot, always defending cops and their beating ways, and now we have David Whiting, another kiss-ass [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "The Orange County Register's New Bootlicker," Nov. 4]!

When I was an MP in the Marine Corps, one of the first things we learned was accountability. If you do something wrong, you're going to get punished for it—it's not covered up. It's about time these civilian cops start having some form of accountability!

TheDude, via ocweekly.com


We don't know what kind of people your friends are or how they might have behaved, so you need to put a little more care into a review like this if you're trying to ruin the reputation of a restaurant [Edwin Goei's "Start Spreading the News," Oct. 14].

Me, I can't wait to try Broadway, especially the foie gras terrine, which I've enjoyed many times at Charlie Palmer Steak in Las Vegas. Those fried Brussels sprouts with Chinese sausage also sound great.

Benny Placido, via ocweekly.com


And the boss' pet will be certainly be promoted, perpetuating the situation [Hey You! "Bossypants," Nov. 4]. Sigh. I've been there: people who had no idea which of the folks were actually working, no matter what you're doing, it's not their current priority (never mind they just told you to do it) . . . ad infinitum.

Bill T., via ocweekly.com


I've been putting Pizza D'Oro up for years—YEARS!—as best pizza [Gustavo Arellano's Hole In the Wall, "The Golden Pizza," Nov. 4]. Lunchtime, the pizza is about $5 with a drink and salad. Get it with minced garlic; it's fantastic. Gustavo, I've been waiting for a review and am glad you frequent the place, uh, frequently.

Pat, via ocweekly.com


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