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Pat McKinley should really be listed here twice [OC Weekly Staff's "You're Dead to Me," Oct. 28]. I mean, for a current Fullerton City Council member and former police chief to say that "those ladies [who were molested by Officer Albert Rincon] weren't people like this" (the audience to whom he was speaking), suggests that some women are worthy of being sexually assaulted. But according to McKinley, it wasn't sexual assault when Rincon handcuffed women and fondled, groped and/or propositioned them; it was "inappropriate touching" and "not a dangerous thing."

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Years ago, when we lived in Fullerton, we voted to recall Don Bankhead, et al. over a "franchise tax," only to see them voted back in a few months later (yeah, that worked out fine). So, he's still there, and there's gonna be another recall?! Good luck with that. This time, I hope they stipulate the recallees cannot run in the next election. What a waste of time and tax dollars.

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The John Chamberlain jailhouse murder case seriously makes me sick [Nick Schou's "The Missing Defendant," Oct. 28]. These five guys, plus the ones already taking deals or yet to go to trial, will spend the bulk of their lives in prison because of dirty Orange County Sheriff's Department deputies and district attorneys wanting convictions on their résumés. Whenever I read about anyone arrested for child molestation or child porn, it's "throw them in general population"—especially according to The Orange County Register's reader comments (the same people who now want these guys to do life). Well, it happened, and now it's a whole other story. The OC Weekly has done a fantastic job of keeping this case in the headlines and not letting it slip through the cracks. I'm just sad it didn't help these guys. I bet if Chamberlain was never attacked in the first place, Ebrahim Baytieh or any DA would have gone after him with full force and wanted a substantial sentence for him. I have no respect for the DAs in this case because they tried a case in which plea deals were offered against some defendants, and no charges were brought against former Deputy Kevin Taylor.

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You're saying that because 0.001 percent of the Orange County population has factless and feckless anti-capitalism tendencies, Wall Street should be afraid [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Playing the Percentages," Oct. 21]? The only thing Wall Street should fear is these kids will turn out like every previous generation of malcontents and eventually become loud, high-consumer Wall Street yuppies themselves and make it that much harder to hire people who take baths. What's that? Oh, it won't happen this time. Okay, let me write that down for the record.

The problem isn't corporations—like the one that owns the OC Weekly or the ones that support it with advertisements or employ its readers or provide for the retirement of their parents so the kids won't have to. It's the (largely Democratic) politicians who cause housing bubbles and bursts and who increase the national debt by 40 percent in two and a half years, etc. Just think of what politicians are free to do with impunity that would cause endless financial and legal troubles for corporations.

Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama . . . Let's bring the politicians to justice and let the corporations supply our iPhones, Priuses, hiking gear, Vietnamese food, hi-fi equipment. . . . Normal monitoring and regulation will keep them in line. The same cannot be said of los politicos.

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The problem with Mamasita Caliente is that an AIDS test doesn't give her the real picture [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! Oct. 21]. If her muy guapo jardinero is negative, great (for now). But there is a "window period" during the incubation process in which AIDS doesn't show up on a test. If he is having sex with another partner(s) (which he would at a moment's notice, tu sabes) while he's having sex with her, he may become infected and infect her at the same time. It wouldn't show up on a test right away, and she'd already be infected. If they were exclusive (which ain't gonna happen), he would need an AIDS test three months later to make sure he's still negative.

The lesson: Never have unprotected sex, especially in a non-monogamous relationship. Wrap up the palo before it hits the panocha. Just my two pesos.

Gabacha en Mexico, via ocweekly.com


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