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So here [Michelle Woo's "Who's Gagging Whom?" Sept. 23], you defend the Irvine 11 and state they are protected by the First Amendment, but two weeks ago, on the Navel Gazing blog [Gustavo Arellano's "Jon Dumitru, Orange Councilmember, Posts Anti-Islam Facebook Status Update," Sept. 13], you attacked Councilman Jon Dumitru of the city of Orange for expressing himself under . . . the First Amendment. Come on, OC Weekly: You can't have it both ways.

sanatanableeding, via ocweekly.com



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It's good when a community comes together. But ask yourself: If it were a slain police officer who had been wrongly killed, would you protest in honor of the officer, or are you only protesting because it was police violence [Marisa Gerber's "Kelly's Army Strong," Sept. 30]?

If you can answer fairly that you would protest any injustice, then I would think you are fair as opposed to against law enforcement, using this as an opportunity to bash the fine men in blue.

Retired Enlisted Man, via ocweekly.com


Cops sign on to do this job. Why should anyone worship them as heroes? If it had been a slain cop, I'm sure the mainstream media would have dragged out the usual hero B.S. So don't try to be clever. Lately, the fine men in blue seem to be acting above the law all over America. People like [Retired Enlisted Man] rarely see the real situation and love to moan about the tough job cops get paid to do. Of course people are protesting police violence, you moron! Cops aren't paid to be violent toward innocent citizens, even if they have no address. The fact that you add that you were in the military makes me wonder if you feel you should also be treated as a hero.

Soho_d J, via ocweekly.com


I loved the eggplant parmigiana before Gordon Ramsay mucked it up [Edwin Goei's "Ramsay Knows Best?" Sept. 30]. (Al dente, seriously? No!) I'm so happy I can still get Luigi's D'Italia's original recipe. Ramsay's bruschetta selection appetizer is a hit. The bread plate is not an improvement on the small loaves that used to be provided. The calamari's a hit. The wedge caesar salad with garlic, garlic and more garlic dressing? Uh, no.

Why ax the calzones, which have all the ingredients and were/are delicious? Glad they are available on original menu.

The décor makeover is also hit and miss, with suitcases with paper destination stickers (now peeling) looking low-class. The painted letters and postage-stamp décor look great.

I agree, it needs to decide what to keep on each menu and incorporate them into one menu. It makes sense to wait until after the show airs, as new business drawn in from airing will want to order Ramsay's dishes. It should wait until after the bounce to make changes.

I have been visiting Luigi's since it occupied a run-down shopping center at East and Lincoln and will continue visiting.

RJ, via ocweekly.com


Ramsay ruined the restaurant and raised the prices. He can go to Hell's Kitchen, and I won't go back to Luigi's.

Greyed, via ocweekly.com


Love the original Luigi's menu—New York family-style Italian food. Ramsay needs to go back to the U.K., and Luigi's needs to remember why people have been coming here for generations.

Donna Villa-Park, via ocweekly.com


Yeah, and Genesis aren't Genesis without Peter Gabriel [Lainna Fader's "Rasing the Dead," Sept. 30]. Whatever. Only's fine, the band are still good, and purists are like the geeky comic-book store owner on The Simpsons.

debaser, via ocweekly.com


Luckily, I don't reside in Los Angeles County because if I did, I would be having fits with the LA Board of Supervisors [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! Sept. 23]. Those five board members are entrenched in county politics; they have been at the trough for so long they have forgotten everything else. Fiefdoms are what they have, with at least a million dollars in discretionary monies to spend as they like—they are disgusting. The only thing Gloria Molina has done right for a long time is to redistrict the county; it is past time.

Listen2, via ocweekly.com


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