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These guys were monsters! I understand they get hardened against the constant pathetic crying of the homeless and gang members, but they beat Kelly Thomas to shit, and he was not a hazard to society [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Kelly's Heroes," Aug. 5]. They just got off on it.

Hally_soboleske, via ocweekly.com



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These sick, above-the-law jerks need to be placed beneath the jail cells and left to rot. These are no cops—they are animals. Real cops are fully trained to deal with the public in a professional manner. These are pure idiots with no regard for human life. How in the hell can they possibly sleep at night, knowing they snuffed out an innocent life who was pleading and calling for his father? They are heartless criminals and should be treated as such. I warn the folks of Fullerton to please be aware of their so-called police department; after this incident, there's no telling what these jerks will do to you. Keep up the fight in this victim's name.

Broharrio, via ocweekly.com


This is a hate crime. What the police are doing across our country is murder, sometimes premeditated murder. We all have friends who are police officers whom we respect. They will be the first to tell you they cannot do anything about it. One way or the other, they will end up silenced. Witnesses will change statements based on police and DA pressure. I have a hard time praying these days, but I do pray for Kelly Thomas' family.

Jeff Torres, via ocweekly.com


Hey, you six dumb-arse cops: How does it feel to have your brutal cover-up national news now? I'm sure you giggled on the night you were cowards, but legal payback is a bitch.

Erinky Jammees, via ocweekly.com


Even if Kevin Taylor was allowed to text on the job and watch TV, that still doesn't explain him not seeing or hearing a mob beat a man to death 67 feet away in his line of sight [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Staring Into the Blind Spot," Aug. 12]. Was he deaf? That is not a far distance. So let's say he had no involvement (which I don't believe to be true). He was still blatantly not doing his job by watching TV, texting and not hearing John Chamberlain getting beaten to death! What was he being paid for, then? My question is, why isn't he being charged? He's the real criminal here.

Leslie, via ocweekly.com


Orange County Deputies Gil Torres and Virgil Asuncion should not be the targets of witch-hunting predators from the public or the media, who seem to blame them for all of the world's injustices. These deputies did exactly what is expected of them: execute an arrest warrant and bring in an alleged fugitive [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "This Isn't the Man You're Looking For," July 29].

Yes, it's sad that an innocent person was caught up in a situation that neither he nor the deputies caused. The problem was sourced much higher up in our judicial system, not at the street-cop level.

Criticism of the upper echelons of our judicial system is warranted in this case, but the deputies should be off-limits. After all, Torres and Asuncion did not prepare the arrest warrant. They merely carried out its orders. In my opinion, they are good cops who deserve better than the unwarranted public whipping that is so commonplace to second-rate "dirty" journalists and right- and left-wing fanatical extremists.

As for the falsely arrested Chris Smith, he and his attorney should take the high road in this matter and accept a fair remuneration of $3,000 from the county. They should not hold the taxpayers hostage in expectation of a multimillion-dollar, instant-lottery jury award. To do so would make Smith and his lawyer no better than the haughty and cavalier county administrators who recklessly spawned this problem.

Jim Gilchrist, president, the Minuteman Project, via ocweekly.com


In Nick Schou's story "Hell Raisers" [Aug. 12], it was erroneously reported that Rusty Coones is the president of the Orange County chapter of the Hells Angels. Coones was the founder of that chapter, but he is the current president of the San Fernando Valley chapter of the club. The Weekly regrets the error.


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