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I was so worried this would get buried, but I'm starting to think we may see justice done [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "Kelly's Heroes," Aug. 5]. There's too much light now and no wiggle room to sleaze out of this. Even here in Northern California, all the way to New York and across the pond, Kelly Thomas' story is getting out—and people are horrified at what the Fullerton cops did. Keep the spotlight shining brightly until these venomous snakes are no longer a threat to the public they were supposed to protect and serve. And to all the good cops out there, be patient; people are angry and saying things about cops they don't really mean. When justice is done, the respect will return.

Robert D., via ocweekly.com



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If you ever witness something like this, stop it. Make a move and physically stop it. At some point during this incident, the officers became unfit for duty. Now they are murderers. It is your duty to stop them.

Shrox, via ocweekly.com


It makes me sick that none of these cops will ever get what they deserve for this. Even as an atheist, I hope there is a God who can judge these filthy animals for what they're doing to the hard-working citizens of the United States. The police deserve nothing less than total revolt at this point.

Matt Miller, via ocweekly.com


Kelly was just sitting on a park bench. No one saw him breaking into cars. He ran because the police were scary and threatening, and he had schizophrenia. Six police officers hogtied him; savagely and incessantly slammed his head on the concrete curb, beat him and stomped him; drop-kneed his nose and throat; Tased him six times; and, when the Taser stopped firing, used the butt end of the Taser's pistol grip to repeatedly hammer his head until blood spurted all over. Kelly cried for mercy, for God, for his dad, until he was finally silenced, but the pummeling of his limp carcass continued even after he fell into a coma.

The police bragged about their conquest of this defenseless soul the next day and continued to work on patrol until one month after the killing, when they were placed on paid leave after Kelly's dad, Ron Thomas, stood up for his dead son and demanded an investigation. The police chief and DA investigator are trying to cover this up, hoping it will all blow over. They should all be fired and put in jail and be an example that this type of brutal police killing of helpless, defenseless persons should never ever happen again in our civilized society.

Rationality, via ocweekly.com


As long as the Yost Theater is thriving, this Olivos, in particular, is happy, and I believe my grandfather Lewis Olivos Sr. would agree [Lilledeshan Bose's "Change of Venue," July 29]. Decay was simply unacceptable to him in any fashion. It would be a shame for people to not experience the Yost through all its developments and evolutions. His spirit is right there with my late grandmother Phoebe. My grandmother was told that she was not to sit among the gringos on the first floor in the early 1950s; later, when she owned the theater, guess who loved to sit up on the balcony? Me!

Roman Olivos, via ocweekly.com


I think this was a GREAT idea! I have been waiting for my city to kick some shit up like this for a while now. As a Latino and native to this wondrous city, this will only open doors for our community. All that "bad city talk" on Santa Ana could change with more businesses coming in. SanTana will never be anything without "our" culture. We give it a different feel for Orange County. Nonetheless, change like this is good because it's for expansion. It will also create versatility in culture. You see that now, with a lot of these young'uns on Broadway during the weekend, hitting up the new bars. Our city needs to build up its reputation.We are the heart of the county, so bigger and better should always come from us!

It's Ready, via ocweekly.com


The city has a history of trying to destroy or undermine the Latino community. The poor people who rarely have a voice in city politics are being pushed around. Santa Ana has been working on policy for a long time and using public money to get rid of people it doesn't want downtown. Some of us don't like being pushed around for "progress." That progress just translates into somebody came up with an idea to make money from a place where poor people live. Public money is being used for private gain.

Teacher X, via ocweekly.com


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