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Did these deputies have at least a GED?
I guess the language on the court order is a bit complicated to understand for some of our law enforcement [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "This Isn't the Man You're Looking For," July 29]. Poor guys are overworked.

The dumbing down of AmeriKKKa's finest continues.

Culichi1967, via ocweekly.com


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Sounds about right. OC sheriff's deputies are fucking idiots. Most of them started as security at South Coast Plaza.

Ray1126, via ocweekly.com


This is a fucking travesty! Orange County deputies are out of control, whether it be in OC Jail or on the streets. To recklessly disregard a county judge's order is bad enough, but to ignore repeated pleas and requests to merely examine the order itself borders on felony false imprisonment, as well as cruel and unusual punishment, thereby violating Chris Smith's constitutional rights.

Where is the sheriff on all of this? Why aren't these illiterate boneheads up on charges of misconduct? If the treatment of this man is indicative of the way county deputies treat the accused they arrest, then it is very appropriate that they wore black when they arrested him. It brings to mind another police force that dressed in black and cared little for the rights of the accused. These deputies should at least be suspended and at worst be charged, as should the deputies at the jail. It might be wise in the future, when hiring deputies, to make sure they understand the Fourth and Eighth amendments and READ FUCKING ENGLISH! If someone can be arrested for a crime they didn't commit and have an order from a judge stating they are not to be arrested for that crime, then who among us is safe?

This is an affront to every citizen in the county and the nation! These deputies are a danger to the people at large. They should be punished harshly in order to restore the public's faith in their ability to enforce the laws of the land. I am a member of the Orange County Employees Association; if the union comes to their aid in this affair, it will only serve to prove that the people are powerless in the face of blatant abuse by those we elect to protect us. If that is the case, where can we go for redress?

Taxfarmer1963, via ocweekly.com


So, the community stopped shopping at the Marketplace, and now it's upset because that place is changing? If I don't buy a single antique in the Orange Circle, I don't get to whine about antique stores turning into sandwich shops or claim that someone is trying to destroy the historical context of my downtown area. You wanted to shop at WalMart, so don't cry when your abandoned downtown gets revamped by its owner [Lilledeshan Bose's "Change of Venue," July 29].

Oh, gentrification! Greatest evil since the Red Menace! How cruel: tricking wealthy people into improving abandoned slums and generating revenue for your city!

Outsider, via ocweekly.com


I'm not Latino, but I live in downtown Santa Ana, and I want the so-called "gentrification" if it means more businesses catering to things I'm interested in. The claim that the Yost Theater somehow displaces an entire culture is ludicrous. What it will actually do is bring national acts of all genres to the area. My neighbors and I are much more likely to patronize the venue than a poorly maintained cultural center.

Adjective, via ocweekly.com


I, for one, plan to document the Fourth Street I grew up with and have come to see as the Latino mecca of Orange County. It may not be of much value to certain people because it does not make them a quick buck, but it is certainly of historical value to the millions of immigrants it has welcomed for so many decades. I urge anyone who has any ties to the downtown area to videotape and photograph what they can of what is left because when we try to tell our children what Fourth Street was like, they're gonna be in disbelief because it will ALL be gone. No more quinceañera dresses or fresh mariscos, no more raspados or fresh-fruit carts, no movies in Spanish or curanderos, no more folklorico dresses and mariachis . . . and for what? For the rich to get richer from a new music venue and retail that doesn't cater to Latinos? Let me know how that works out.

Crzgrace, via ocweekly.com

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