Letters From OC Weekly Readers

Every week, I really look forward to the new OC Weekly on my local newsstand. I have to take exception, though, to your recommendation in your recent Summer Guide ("100 Reasons to Be Ecstatic About Summer in OC," June 24). Under recommended reasons 52 and 53 are suggestions to get drunk in Seal Beach, and then in downtown Fullerton. I counted eight ads for alcohol producers, 17 saloons with happy hours, seven of them in your sidebar for cooling down with beer in the OC, and I didn't even count the restaurants that advertise two-for-one happy hours. I do not think you have to encourage people to get drunk anywhere. Talk to any police department in any jurisdiction, and they will tell you the No. 1 problem on a Friday or Saturday night is alcohol-related issues.

When I mentioned to my neighbor, who is a fireman, your suggestion to get drunk in these two cities, he was incredulous and said that just this last Saturday night, he had three alcohol-related incidents in his city the department had to respond to. Approximately one and a half years ago, The Orange County Register surveyed 3,000 to 5,000 OC high-school students about what their No. 1 problem was—not their No. 1 drug or alcohol problem, just their No. 1 problem. Their answer: alcohol-related incidents.

If you watch the TV show Jail, which takes place in various cities around the country and is a show about arrest, the majority of situations involve alcohol. The biggest problem with your suggestion to get drunk is all too often, people get in their cars, drive drunk and kill other people. Say, as an example, an aspiring young pitcher for the Angels and some of his friends. This is an all-too-common occurrence with people who get drunk.


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According to the National Council on Alcoholism (NCA), one in seven people is drinking alcohol addictively. The No. 1 cause of date rape, fights and violence for teenagers aged 15 to 19 is alcohol-related, according to the NCA. That doesn't even include car accidents. I don't believe, based on this very minimal information, you need to encourage people to get drunk anywhere. I also, without talking to them, don't feel the Seal Beach or Fullerton police departments would appreciate these recommendations.

Paul Hill, San Clemente


What's happening here is that English hates consecutive consonants (of course, being English, there are exceptions), hence the movement of the vowel to between the t and l [Gustavo Arellano's "Holy Molé!" June 24]. I think I'll still order "un tamal" y un Bohemia ("bo-ehmia"). "Ta-ma-lee" hurts my ears almost as much as "San Yahcinto." It's Spanish, for God's sake—not German! Is there any reason the Channel 7 News "personalities" couldn't be troubled to find out how to pronounce common, local place names when they came here from Back East?

Bill T. via ocweekly.com


I can't believe this is happening [Gabriel San Roman's "Centro Cultural de Mexico Facing Eviction," June 24]. El Centro is good for Santa Ana. It seems that our leaders always find a way to take over ideas and events from innovative people: the Artists Village, Fiestas Patrias, now Noche de los Altares. El Centro is a space where people collaborate with one another, build character and contribute to the education of the youth. We can't let this happen. God willing, very good things will come out of a bad situation.

Lisannmartinez, via ocweekly.com


Heaven forbid you have a long-term tenant that is a pillar in the community and always pays its rent. What a bunch of douches; there is no excuse for this. "Broadway Improvement Co. Inc."? More like Pende Improvement Co.

Delilah Snell, via ocweekly.com


In Chasen Marshall's profile of the Fletcher family ["The Family Business," June 17], several ages were incorrect. Herbie is 64 years old, Christian is 40, Nathan is 36, and Greyson is 20. The Weekly regrets the errors.

In R. Scott Moxley's column on the criminal case against Michael Roberts and Jim Toledano [Moxley Confidential, "This Sting Stinks," June 24], the name of attorney Paul Roper was given incorrectly. Also, the payment in a duffel bag referenced in the story was not all in cash, but included cash and a check. The Weekly regrets the errors.


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