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The "doctors" are a joke in the Orange County Jail [Nick Schou's "Who'll Stop the Pain?" Jan. 21]. I told her I had M.S., and she thought it was a muscular disease! Pretty sad when a supposedly educated medical professional doesn't know the difference between multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.

Throwing_knives, via ocweekly.com



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I remember being in the OC Jail one night, chatting to another gentleman in the holding room. All of a sudden, a deputy opened the door, pointed at the other guy and barked, "You. You've been here before. You know the drill. Do you want the FULL COUNTY TREATMENT?" The guy shook his head, "No." "Well then, shut the hell up!" Somehow I don't think that cop was referring to a facial, plus mani/pedi.

RespectfulOpposition, via ocweekly.com


Maybe if state workers weren't demanding a 90 percent pension, there would be more resources to treat the drug addicts. I'll wager a fly on the wall in the cell of Michelle Gee would have heard a surly guard respond to her pleas for treatment: "Well, honey, you shouldn't have come to jail." Also, you pictured two inmates named Keith Files and Taylor Hart but did not explain how they died. WTF is going on here? This really sickens me.

Atg Me, via ocweekly.com

Nick Schou responds: Actually, we don't really know what happened to Files and Hart, although Hart apparently did commit suicide, according to previous press accounts that stated the autopsy ruled his death as such without specifying how. Like the story says, both deaths are still being investigated, and officials won't comment.


Another ass-kicking chick [Chasen Marshall's "The Fighter," Jan. 21]? Man, that's getting old. I'm sure its very empowering for Courtney Conlogue.

Diablo Blanco, via ocweekly.com


I see that doing 50 pop-ups (whatever a pop-up is) one weekend makes you instantly stronger the next weekend. Are you friggin' kidding me? Sorry, but you have to do a lot more than that for an extended period of time before results show. Come on, anybody who works out knows results don't happen overnight. She is not a man, no matter how bad she wants to be.

Skipp, via ocweekly.com


Sounds like an addict; psychological help seems in order.

Onn, via ocweekly.com


Onn, you know damn well if this were an article about a male athlete, you would be praising his dedication to such rigorous training. But because it's a woman athlete behaving that way, she's an "addict" in need of "psychological help"? Maybe YOU should see a therapist for your misogyny problem.

FishWithoutBicycle, via ocweekly.com


Last I checked, a hardworking athlete needs to be well-rounded and have every muscle in his or her body in shape. Courtney Conlogue is an insane surfer, and by the way, she doesn't look like a man. This article is meant to show her commitment to the sport as well as her intensity, and sometimes, that doesn't look pretty. It's raw, sweaty and has no makeup on. Plus, you guys are just pissed off that she can kick your ass!

Zty, via ocweekly.com


So funny [Edwin Goei's "Damned If You Do," Jan. 21]. The description of the cashier [at DG Burger] is spot-on!

Ila Nguyen-Hayama, via ocweekly.com


Until Mexican parents take education seriously and demand their children perform well like the Asians do, they will continue to fail [Gustavo Arellano's ¡Ask a Mexican! Jan. 21]. Unfortunately, it is a cultural thing. Poor, undereducated immigrants, in general, have not respected the value of an education. Moreover, until these immigrants see the value of learning and excelling in English, rather than holding onto Spanish (which, from an economic standpoint, is rather pointless), they will continue to struggle.

Jhfernandex1, via ocweekly.com


Gustavo, you are a career Mexican. How would you make your living if you weren't a beaner?

HernanCortes, via ocweekly.com


Crime pays for the Little Sheriff—$5,000 per week [R. Scott Moxley's Moxley Confidential, "No More Excuses for Mike Carona," Jan. 14]. Somebody get a rope.

Albert Barlow, via ocweekly.com


[Carona gets] $20,000 per month for life—gee, what if his life is shortened by Bubba while incarcerated? That would be a tragedy! NOT! We can only hope!

Sydneyesq, via ocweekly.com


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