Letters From OC Weekly Readers

You remember the cases that tend to reinforce your bias and tend to ignore those that don’t [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! Dec.
10]. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many “white” kids shave their heads (I’ve seen plenty, no real feel on the proportion vs. Latino kids and adults), you see a couple of kids who look Latino with shaved heads, therefore “Mexican” kids shave their heads. As far as the bad Spanish, +8 for trying to accommodate the clientele, -374 for being too lazy to verify the translations.

Bill T., via ocweekly.com


Cholos shave their heads for two reasons. The first is lice. The second is that it’s much harder to grab onto a shaved head while trying to restrain a fleeing criminal. Hair is easy to grab.

El Ponchis, via ocweekly.com


My, such tribal responses from the lesser of our society [Hey, You! “If It Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Have a Fit,” Dec. 10]. To lower oneself to making pitiful remarks to someone who has so much more than you seems so . . . so . . . bohemian. It’s a normal response to lash out because you feel less than. After all, your decrepit vehicle is on the back of a truck, and while waiting for a taxi, you see a luxurious coach pull in, and, well, you just felt like a piece of shit, didn’t you? Well, you should.

Phyllis, The Burbs, via ocweekly.com


Vickie, why are you so angry in your writing [Vickie Chang’s Trendzilla, “Forever 21’s Mickey Mouse Job,” Dec. 10]? Take it easy; it’s just nice to see something a little innocent and nostalgic in the midst of weirdness getting pumped out of the fast-fashion realm.

Tammy, Seattle, via ocweekly.com


This is a FAIR-ly decent article, pun intended, as Terry Greene Sterling uses the term “illegal” consistently throughout [“FAIR-y Tales,” Dec. 3]. Because these people, regardless of their reasons or circumstances, did break our law(s) and are here illegally. The points she raised about whose numbers to use when describing how many illegals are here and their cost to the taxpayers are interesting but irrelevant. The real point is illegal immigration is out of control and very costly, and we can’t accept or afford it any longer.

As for the progressive utopian pipe dream of “comprehensive immigration reform”—it’s not going to happen. Congress pulled this one on the American people in 1986, and they won’t get away with it again. Under Ronald Reagan, there were supposed to be three things: amnesty for the estimated 1.5 million illegals, a crackdown on employers hiring them, and securing of the border. Only one happened— amnesty for about 3 million (all estimates, no matter who made them, are unreliable) illegals and, worse, the precedent being set that you can come here illegally, break our laws, skip to the front of the line and be granted amnesty. No more.

Jeff Kibler, Huntington Beach, via e-mail


I’ve worked in the retail business for almost 20 years, mostly in a big-box store-type business [Nick Schou’s “Always a Cover-Up. Always,” Dec. 3]. The most important thing I learned is that management (basically, anybody on a salary) will screw the bottom guy over if they think they can profit from it. They don’t care if you’re sick, if what they tell you to do is illegal, if you have a personal life. As long as their bosses are happy, that’s all that matters to them. There is no loyalty in retail. If they screw you over, they’ll lie about it, and there’s not a thing you can do without proof. If one can possibly get by without working retail, they’re better off for it.

Sean, via ocweekly.com


It seems horribly wrong that this whistleblower wasn’t prosecuted for her illegal conduct in backdating her time cards when she was free to ruin the lives of two people who were obviously told what to do by their supervisors. What a miscarriage of justice. I hope that somehow, Kathrine Shimaji gets severely punished for the horrible thing she did to those people.

Michael, via ocweekly.com


I guess, Michael, you cannot read correctly. She wasn’t backdating her time card, and if the FBI and the DA’s office wanted to prosecute her for some type of involvement, they would have. Sounds like you don’t mind when people break the law by dumping toxic waste that is harmful for the environment.

Beth, via ocweekly.com


Beth, you’re just going to have to realize that the world is full of people like Michael who worship power and money and believe that anyone who doesn’t should be destroyed. These apologists are just as much a part of the problem as the rich, powerful criminals they enable.

Judas Peckerwood, via ocweekly.com


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