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The Mox-meister: Great column. Even though I and other former U.S. Marine Corps veterans who served at the former base have been writing about this evolving train wreck (both fiscally and environmentally a catastrophe) for about three years now, you dug up some really interesting info that we’ll research more fully [R. Scott Moxley’s “Hot Air,” Aug. 20]. Mostly Vietnam-era Marines, we were hoping that a part of the originally agreed-upon parcel would become a combination war-vets memorial and a subpart of that Forest Lawn cemetery would be dedicated to the Orange County men and women of all military branches who served. Other burial spots are filled up—and I’m one-quarter Native American; one of those who doesn’t believe in cremation, I believe in letting my body give back, feed the Earth. Larry Agran’s Clown Posse won’t even toss us a cookie, a table scrap or crumb of dignity. We raised our hands, and whether we cleaned latrines at El Toro, slogged through rice paddies or humped 60 pounds of equipment over Middle Eastern deserts, we deserve better. Can’t thank you and cohort Matt Coker enough for keeping the fire from going out or Christina Shea’s and now Jeff Lalloway’s honorable bravery and fiscal accountability—this involves a lot of money and political influence; many are anxious that those of us whistleblowing could be disappeared.

Roger Butow, Laguna Beach, via ocweekly.com


Enough with the “Great Pork”! More than a few people knew this was a giant scam to prevent the Great Airport from being built. A scam sold to the OC voters who were convinced by a flashy campaign that the so-called Great Park would be a world-class park and a crown jewel of OC. Agran and the other criminals snookered the voters; time to put the issue up to another vote: Shall the El Toro Marine Air Base be converted into a combination international airport, parkland/greenbelt and public space?

Wbutterman, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


Thanks, Moxley, for once again providing context to a major county issue. This report is devastating to Larry Agran’s fake persona. I’m a Democrat, but I have to admit Agran is the type of guy who spews lie upon lie upon lie. You’ve proven this in years past and again now.

Amy, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


Has Agran done anything illegal or unethical? Haterz gonna hate.

MegaJesus, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


How do you administer something that doesn’t exist? With those attorney fees paid, you’d think some better BS lines are in order. So what can be done to put these mega-million thieves in jail for a while? All the corrupt politicians need to be rounded up and fed to the people, with all they’ve stolen given to charity—which also needs a little audit.

Sean, Dana Point, via ocweekly.com


Impressive investigative report. I avidly devoured its lines, stunned by its revelations. This is the kind of journalism we need. I’d only disagree in the slight spin shown, implying all this corruption happens because Larry Agran and company are liberal Democrats. I hate to seem cynical, but corruption has no political color or ideology. There are just as many (and as dirty) corrupt conservatives as corrupt liberals. The only difference is that these take one side and those the other side, but both milk the same cow (we taxpayers).

Santiago Medina, via ocweekly.com


Thank you, Mr. Schou, for covering this story [Nick Schou’s “‘Murder? Are You Crazy?’” Aug. 20]! I recall reading the first article regarding this case in 2008. It’s nice to read the follow-up two years later. The description of the beating makes my heart sink into my stomach. However, I recognize the importance of displaying the events for readers in order to capture the true brutality that took place.

JG, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com


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