Letters From OC Weekly Readers

I enjoy the “few minute” games but find that those few minutes can turn into more—it is addictive [Megan Brescini’s “Little Games, Big Business,” July 2]!
So proud of you, Daniel McNeely, for your creative, innovative and personal side. Continue on!

Andrea McCoy, Concord, via ocweekly.com


Scott, good article and thanks for getting the facts out there [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “Sheriff Hutchens’ Stunner,” July 2]. To the “boo birds” with egg on your faces, I won’t say, “I told you so,” because the voters did it for me. Now, if we could just wake up the voters in Irvine to the corruption and mismanagement in their city, some changes could be made. I must admit the slate of so-called conservative candidates is not all that appealing at this time. Come on, Chuck DeVore: Take the leadership in cleaning up your hometown. We need you to knock the Agranistas off their throne.

Ltpar, Irvine, via ocweekly.com


Ha-ha-hee-hee, Moxley! I laugh my ass off every time I see you’ve pissed off dirty cops! You are the best.

JT, Dove Canyon, via ocweekly.com


On the one hand, congratulations on your graduation [Hey, You! “Graduation On the Rocks,” July 2]. On the other, I hope you didn’t major in English; if you did, go back and ask for a tuition refund!

TRacer, Yorba Linda, via ocweekly.com


My insurance is only a $100 co-pay. Sorry, sh*t happens, and don’t listen to TRacer; we all use spell check.

CB, via ocweekly.com


Were you parked illegally? Did you do something to draw attention to your vehicle? Block someone’s driveway because you are an inconsiderate bastard who thinks rules don’t pertain to you? Or you were drunk and blowing some homeless guy in the backseat because you didn’t have any change to give him?

Jelly Jam, Bronx, via ocweekly.com


Gustavo, I read your column all time, but did you have an upset stomach when you wrote that stuff [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! “Special Poetry Edition,” July 2]? Give me a break, UCLA grad; you’re better than that. Why don’t you write about something really funny, like President Barack Obama’s BS speech on immigration? From here until November, maybe you could remind “la raza” to go out and vote. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain when you are ignored.

Marge Kellen, Placentia, via ocweekly.com


Damn—did you have to include George Lopez? I was doing so good.

Richard, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com


Roses are red, violets are blue, I just phoned ICE, now they’ll deport you! Andale al sur, y gracias para su hermanita.

AttencionPendejo, via ocweekly.com


You didn’t answer a question.

Valeria, Washington DC, via ocweekly.com


OC Weekly has an opening for a managing editor. We’re looking for an editor with exceptional writing, editing and management skills. The ideal candidate will have experience in all areas: news, culture, web. The managing editor supervises the day-to-day operations of the editorial department and helps staff writers produce quality work, from magazine-style feature stories to daily blog posts. The interview process will include an editing test. We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Qualified candidates should send a cover letter, a résumé and clips to: OC-managing-editor@villagevoicemedia.com.


OC Weekly has an opening for an experienced editorial art director who would be responsible for the overall design quality and integrity of the publication. He/she must be able to conceptualize and produce modern, sophisticated, vibrant design for covers, features and editorial pages. This individual must be a creative designer who has experience commissioning high-quality photography and illustration, negotiating fees, clearing rights, and managing a budget. The art director will balance strong leadership with strong collaboration in order to thrive in a team environment. Applicants must have a superior understanding of typography and expert-level skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat. Five years of editorial design experience is required. This is a full-time position. Applicants should submit résumé, samples, salary requirements and cover letter to Michael Shavalier, Design Director, Village Voice Media, 2800 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137 or artjobs@villagevoicemedia.com.


OC Weekly has an opening for a photo intern to shoot quality photography for our online listings, blogs, slideshows and other interactive media. Candidates should have photo equipment, a vehicle and Photoshop experience. Send a résumé and cover letter to Kelly Lewis at kelewis@ocweekly.com or c/o OC Weekly, 2975 Red Hill Ave., Ste. 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.


Letters may be edited for clarity and length. E-mail to letters@ocweekly.com, or mail to Letters to the Editor, c/o OC Weekly, 2975 Red Hill Ave., Ste. 150, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. Or fax to (714) 550-5908.


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