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‘With the Exception of the Mexican, This Is a Great Publication. P.S.: Fire the Mexican; He’s an Asshole’

TICK . . . TICK . . . TICK . . .
You and I and everyone knows or at least should know that when you light a bomb, set it somewhere and walk away, you can never control who might come along, so the pathetic lie that they never intended to harm anyone isn’t convincing [Peter Jamison’s “Time Bomb,” Sept. 18]. They are probably—or at the very least possibly—responsible for the murder of Brian McDonnell, yet they teach college and haven’t a worry in the world except how to recruit more radicals and poison the USA. Does it make anyone else sick that these two feel safe in their skin? We are too good for our own good!

So Cal Mike, Aliso Viejo, via ocweekly.com


Hey, Nancy Pelosi: Is this the kind of violence you were worried about? One of your buddies already did it.

Rachel, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


I think it’s just disgusting what these boys did [R. Scott Moxley’s Moxley Confidential, “They’re Baaaaack!” Sept. 18]. Their actions are truly horrible. Regardless if she was “faking it” or not, they’re teens and they violated her in ways she should not have had to experience. These boys’ parents should be ashamed of not only themselves, but also their sons! That kid’s father who is ultra-wealthy should also be behind bars! I hope these boys rot in hell and never get out of prison!

Michelle, Fountain Valley, via ocweekly.com


My concerns relating to the rape trials of Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann have haunted me from Day One. The intentional grandstanding of the OC district attorney’s office during the two trials was, in my opinion, an intentional abuse of power and authority. There is no polite way to say it! How many ADULT sexual predators—employed by the Diocese of Orange, the Anaheim Union High School District and other OC public-school districts, mature enough to understand that videotaping crimes would prove felony sexual assault beyond a shadow of a doubt—committed sex crimes against children, but were never aggressively prosecuted like the DA prosecuted Haidl, Nachreiner and Spann?

Obviously, minor children are not as mature as adults, but in Orange County, the district attorney prefers to grandstand crimes committed by minors before risking political suicide for prosecuting adult sexual predators employed by the rich and influential Diocese of Orange and politically connected public-school districts.

My opinions herein are in no way an excuse for the heinous crimes that were committed in Don Haidl’s Corona del Mar home during the summer of 2002. As a mother of three daughters and for any parent facing the same type of issues that the Haidl, Nachreiner, Spann and Jane Doe families were forced to endure, the events alone were devastating, and the DA just added fuel to an already-burning fire. The children and their families could have been spared much pain if the matter had been handled in the juvenile court. If Anthony Rackauckas is sincere about upholding justice and the safety of the public, then at some point, he needs to explain to the public why while some former sexual predator adults are NOT required to register as sex offenders, Haidl, Nachreiner and Spann, minors at the time of their sex crimes, are required to register for the rest of their lives.

Is anyone paying attention? Without justice, there will never be peace. Without peace, faith and our country’s laws are empty.

Debby Bodkin, Los Angeles, via ocweekly.com


Ya gotta love Don Haidl’s commitment to law and order. Hey, Don, maybe you could buy a Lakers roster spot for the upcoming season! Just consider yourself lucky that you aren’t sharing a cell with your “brothers for life” (or whatever it was called) Mike Carona and George Jaramillo.

CHS, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com


You have GOT to be kidding!!! Can’t these three spoiled-rotten, perverted sleazeballs just slink away into anonymity? C’mon, Don. How about you put away your checkbook and let your spawn accept responsibility for what he and his friends did. Gotta admit, though, y’all got balls.

Thirtyplus, Orange, via ocweekly.com


It sure must be nice to be rich and white. I hope they got the shit fucked out of them in prison.

Pissed Off, OC, via ocweekly.com


Outstanding [Gustavo Arellano and Gabriel San Roman’s “Murder Was the Case,” Sept. 11]. Journalism is alive and well at OC Weekly. I find myself hunting this rag down every Thursday. With the exception of the Mexican, this is a great publication. P.S: Fire the Mexican; he’s an asshole.

Albert Barlow, via e-mail


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